Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Delicious Vietnam #18

Delicious Vietnam

Once again I am very happy to be hosting Delicious Vietnam currently on its 18th edition. My first time hosting Delicious Vietnam was over a year ago (August 2010, 4th edition.) What I love about hosting the monthly event is discovering new blogs with their love toward Vietnamese food and culture and this month we have some fun ones! Lots of savory dishes...


Chicken Curry Spring Rolls (Cary Cha Gio)
Sandy of Ginger and Scotch from Dubai, UE


Miến giò lạnh (cold buckwheat noodle soup with pig trotters)
Mai of Flavor Boulevard from Berkeley, CA

Bánh Pa Tê Sô (Vietnamese Savory Meat Pies)
Nam Nguyen of The Culinary Chronicles from San Diego, CA


Bun rieu cua (tomato and crab noodle soup)
Anthony Huynh of Food Affair Vietnam from Sydney, Australia


Thịt kho trong trái bí (caramelized pork braised in squash)
Dang and Oanh of Rau Om from Michigan and California

"The rich pork flavor, caramelized coconut sugar, fish sauce, and spices permeate the squash while extracting from it a smoky sweetness. The dish taste different and new yet comforting, containing within it home-for-the-holidays flavors both from the New World and the Old Country."


Sauteed Apple Snails with Perilla and Tofu
Bonnibella of Chrysanthemum from San Francisco, CA

Apple Snails with perilla and tofu


Chi Lang Profiteroles with Caramel Rum Sauce
Doug of Javaholic from Sacramento, CA

Vietnamese Coffee Profiteroles5

Mini bánh tiêu (Asian fried sweet sesame donut)
Anh of A food lover's journey from Melbourne, Australia


Delicious Vietnam is created by Anh of A food lover's journey and Kim and Hong of Ravenous Couple. Sandy of Ginger and Scotch (gin @ gingerandscotch.com) is hosting Delicious Vietnam #19 (November 2o11.) Please submit your post by the first Sunday of each month.


Anh said...

Thanks so much for hosting! Love all the dishes here!

ginger and scotch said...

i love snails and really love your idea of the perilla and tofu!

Mai said...

Thanks for hosting! So much savoriness here!

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