Friday, May 18, 2012

So in love with a Girl and a Goat, Chicago

wood fire Walter's chicken at The girl and the goat, Chicago 

One month prior to my visit to Chicago I tried to make a reservation to the Girl and the Goat and they were fully booked up. I did not watch Stephanie Izard on Top Chef but I did follow her story on Chicago Eater with all the hurdles they had pass to open the restaurant. The style of food served at the Girl and the Goat is up my alley - meaty, fried eggs, offal, rich, light and deep flavors all at the same time.

 The girl and the goat, Chicago oysters at The girl and the goat, Chicago 
We took a chance and did a walk-in, the hostess told us the bar was first come first serve so within 15 mins we conveyed two cozy spot at the bar area. I was ecstatic because my second choice was Avec and the wait isn't any better over there. The place was bustling with laughter and pouring with good vibes all around. 

ham frites at The girl and the goat, Chicago

Ham Frites

grilled baby octopus at The girl and the goat, Chicago

Grilled Baby Octopus

Hiramasa crudo at The girl and the goat, Chicago

Hiramasa crudo

We wanted to order almost everything on the menu but narrowed it down to a few dishes that contained our favorite ingredients. The dish I would eat once a week if I lived in Chicago (because I would eat at The Girl and Goat once a week!) would be the Wood Fired Walter's Chicken - half of a roasted chicken served with yuzu harissa, fried pickles, brussel slaw and grilled nann. I like to wrap my own food whether it is fijitas, mu shu, or dosa, so this dish really spoke to me, especially with the sauces and toppings. 

wood fire chicken at The girl and the goat, Chicago

Wood Fire Walter's Chicken

The roasted pig face was divine and everything it promised from a pig's face - gelatinous, thick, sumptuous meat with a gooey egg yolk layered over each bite. The crispy potato matches gave contrast to the heaviness of the meat. 

roasted pig face at The girl and the goat, Chicago

Roasted Pig Face

We were stuffed to the gills at the end of the night but the server caught our attention when she mentioned "foie gras marshmallow" and we had to order the chocolate cake. Very decadent, heavy, and oozing richness like Blue Ivy's trust fund. 

Chocolate, foie gras at The girl and the goat, Chicago

Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream and Foie Gras Marshmallow

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foodhoe said...

omg what a fabulous meal! I'd go for the chicken every week too, but tell us more about that foie gras marshmallow! Did it taste like foie?

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