Sunday, January 3, 2010

Emo/Punk Princess Nail Art - Black, Pink Glitter and More Pink

Love her or hate her, Avril Lavigne made the emo princess wannabe punk rock look mainstream. Whenever I think about emo princess I think of black and pink. The pink glitter is for all the closet princess in all of us. This nail art is inspired by the black eye shadow and even blacker eyeliner, black and pink highlighted hair. Throw in a ballerina tutu, lace fingerless gloves, and sneakers by Vans and its 2002 again...


1. Sally Hansen, Triple Strong for base coat
2. Sinful Colors, I Miss You#930 (a pink/purple glitter.) Two coats on bottom half of nail.
3. Wet n Wild, Lavender Pearlescent 420B. Swipe two coats diagonally, no need to be perfect the black nail polish will cover any mistakes.
4. L.A. Deco Colors in Black. Using the skinny brush to trace a line from corner of pink nail polish to color of nail tip.
5. Any Black nail polish to fill in the tip section.
6. Optional, I bought nail art decals from Forever 21 and used it on my ring finger.
7. OPI, Clear Top Coat.

Nail Art - Tri color: pink glitter, black, pink white flowers

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for a list of my nail art.

affectionately adieu...


bananas. said...

definitely screams emo princess ;)

hope you had a good nye! happy new year!!!

Jo said...

I <3 your nail art! so creative =)

Erika said...

Ohmigosh this looks amazing - I want, I want, I want! I just bought pink glitter nail polish yesterday - can't wait to try it out!! :)

Nail art said...

Pretty cool I say, pink and black match perfectly.

Greetings, Nail art info

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