Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yorkshire Pudding Popovers

I don't wait for Christmas to make a standing rib roast and yorkshire pudding. For occasions such as birthdays we would buy lobsters and rib roast to feed us since we are all big eaters and love our meat.

Costco carries one of the best in quality and price for a standing rib roast @ $6.99 a pound. I can feed a family of 7-8 at about $50. Since the rib roast always varies in weight I use a thermometer as my guide. I always start out at 450 degree for about 20 mins then turn it down to 350 degree until the thermometer reads 135-140 degree at the center of the rib roast.

I like to cut silts on the fat side so the fat will come off faster and a nice charred crust too. I season it with kosher salt and cover the entire roast with freshly ground pepper. Using Alton Brown's tip I screw off the top of a pepper grinder and attach it to my drill. I can grind as much as I need in a few minutes.

Yorkshire Pudding (taken from Martha Stewart)
2 cups of flour
4 eggs
3 cups of whole milk
1 1/2 teaspoon of salt
pinch of black pepper
4 tablespoon of reserve standing rib fat

Whisk everything together and let stand for 30 mins.

I put together the recipe while my standing rib is roasting in the oven. I used a silicon cupcake tray to bake and it was browned perfectly all around. The best way is to use a teaspoon to spoon in the fat for each section and use a ladle to fill it up about 3/4 ways. Bake for 30 mins or until brown at 400 degrees.


foodhoe said...

holy cow, i got stuck in a clicking frenzy on your site and ended up here... I love yorkshire pudding!

cocochanelella said...

Thanks Foodhoe, I can't wait for thanksgiving when I'll be making these again I need the fat drippings!

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