Tuesday, April 7, 2009

#72 Ducca - The Big 100 Eat

Ducca's Arancini - deep fried risotto fritters filled with sottocenere cheese is #72 on 7x7 Magazine 100 Things you must try before you die list in San Francisco. Ducca is located inside the Westin Hotel in downtown. When you approach the restaurant on the first floor you run into the lounge area. The lounge is very chic with oversize plushy low couches and ottomans, fenced with neon color screens. The clientele was mostly middle age men schmoozing about work.

The restaurant itself has a New York feel and comfortable wide booths. The look of this restaurant is by far one of my favorites I can easily see myself coming here to celebrate a special occasion. From Sunday-Wednesday Ducca offers a $30 3 course Prix Fixe menu, to extend the deal come on Wednesday for half off wine glasses and bottles. I, of course came on a Wednesday.

The arancini is not offered on the prix fixe since clearly it is one of their most popular dishes recommended by the server and given prime real estate on the menu. They are as sinful as they sound. Risotto with sottocenere cheese deep fried. The cheese oozes in every direction when you take a bite. A high class version of deep fried mac and cheese.


I cannot emphasize the value of the $30 prix fixe! To compare, pasta and entree range from $22-$32. We ordered one prix fixe and several other dishes. The Spiced Gnocchi with oxtail was uber flavorful and came with details I appreciate. The gnocchi was pan fried before it was tossed together. It's these little details that make me enjoy dining out.

Another example of small detail is the Chestnut dusted Pancetta wrapped chicken livers. The chicken liver were wrapped in pancetta so it wouldn't be too salty. The liver was still juicy but cooked through.

Chestnut dusted pancentta wrapped chicken liver

One more example of detail is the Cannoli filled with cream cheese and then garnished with a peanut candied meringue. Needless to say, I was in a very happy mood with my half off Vermentino and 3 different dessert. Service was friendly.

Cannoli peanut candied meringue

50 3rd St
Inside the Westin Hotel
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 977-0271

The rest of the dishes...

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