Monday, April 27, 2009

#73 – The Rotunda – The Big 100 Eat

The Rotunda in Neiman Marcus’ popover with strawberry butter  is #73 on 7x7 Magazine 100 Things to try before you die list in San Francisco. The Rotunda is clearly for “ladies who lunch” or desperate-housewives-who-don’t-need-to-work-and -shop-all-day (I’m neither). Situated on the 4th (highest) floor of the store it boosts a magnificent golden mosaic glass ceiling and the view of the store below.  The layout is like a theatre with the stage in the middle.

                              Rotunda at Neiman Marcus Ceiling1

The chicken consomm√© and popover was the highlight of the meal. The popover is huge, fluffy with a crispy exterior and a  big hole of air in the middle. The strawberry butter was a special addition to the popover. You can ask for seconds!

Rotunda at Neiman Marcus - Chicken consomme Rotunda at Neiman Marcus - Popover with strawberry butter

The entrees are priced $17-$29 and the food is very average. One of the dishes we ordered was the lobster club. The club is very skimpy on the lobster meat at $29.00. The toothpick holding the sandwich together had the Neiman Marcus logo; that is WHY it is $29.00.

Rotunda at Neiman Marcus - Crab Cake salad Rotunda at Neiman Marcus - Tuna Poke Rotunda at Neiman Marcus - Lobster Club Rotunda at Neiman Marcus - Black Angus Burger

I’m happy to pay for the ambiance and the popovers. I can imagine throwing a baby/bridal shower at the Rotunda. Christmas time must be beautiful with Neiman Marcus’ signature four floor tall Christmas tree. I may spot Santa taking a break sipping tea in fine china.  Afternoon tea is served after 2:30pm.

The Rotunda

150 Stockton St
Neiman Marcus
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 362-4777

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