Monday, April 20, 2009

Acquerello – Best service and only Italian Michelin Star in the Bay Area

Acquerello in housed near the busy Van Ness hub the building’s past life was a funeral home and if look around you’ll see the layout of a Mortuary. Regardless, Acquerello is one of my favorite restaurant and experience. Their service is beyond amazing and I don’t understand why good service is hard to find in San Francisco. They also have an award winning wine list. The sommelier recommended a bottle of Joseph Phelps 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon (my wine vendor told me it is now hard to get) which introduces my friends to the wonders of JP’s vineyard.

acquerello - Duo of Ahi tuna and Hamachi 'crudo' with egg yolk bottarga acquerello - Lobster panzerotti acquerello - Medallion of veal acquerello - Parsley encrusted lamb rack acquerello - Peppered carpaccio of beef with truffled-anchovy vinaigrette

Acquerello is famous for their Parmesan budino which is like a flan/custard/panna cotta topped with a salad. Another popular dish with a enticing name is the Ridged pasta with foie gras, scented with black truffles and Marsala. The dish was too salty and we sent it back to the kitchen. When they remade the dish (MmmMm this time) the sommelier served us a complimentary wine pairing.

acquerello - Parmesan budino with micro salad        acquerello - pasta with foie gras scented with black truffles and Marsala

Everyone raves about Gary Danko’s cheese cart but Acquerello will give GD a run for his money. The cart is beautifully presented and the smell emitting is heavenly but we were too full for a cheese course. I will save stomach space next time for a cheese course. Complimentary biscotti served at the end.

The menu is affordable for a Michelin Star restaurant. 3 courses for $60, 4 for $72 and 5 or $82. Chef tasting menu available and one of the well deserved restaurant on Michael Bauer’s 2009 Top 100 Restaurants in the Bay Area. 

acquerello - Rocciata acquerello - Huckleberry and pear tart acquerello biscotti  


1722 Sacramento St
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 567-5432

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Kung Food Panda said...

This place looks great!

I just did the 5x5 meal @ Providence on Tuesday, but I'm going back for their 9 course tasting in a few months. The price @ Acquerello is pretty fair for a Michelin star restaurant. Good work Bonnie!

Anna Patricia said...

It's actually an old chapel, note the wooden arches and the ceiling is vaulted. it's too beautiful for a mortuary!

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