Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anthony’s Cookies in Mission - San Francisco

There a huge buzz about Anthony’s cookies located in the Mission on Valencia and 25th street. The store is at the bare minimum with nothing but cookies. Their Grand Opening is this Saturday and Anthony will be adding tables, chairs, coffee, Clover milk and drinks soon.

Anthony is cheery and greets everyone as he is scooping out perfect portions of cookie dough in the background. He is baking non-stop, I waited 15 mins for a new batch of  Toffee Chip. I asked him about his story: He graduated from San Francisco State with an accounting degree and wasn’t making much money. He baked cookies for his friends and took 10 years to prefect the recipes.


A dozen is $9.25 with my favorite flavors: Cookies and Cream and Toffee Chip. The cookies are thin enough for the crisp first bite and then a chewy center. The smell of this place brings back childhood memories of baking cookies. 

Anthony’s Cookies

1417 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 655-9834

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Kung Food Panda said...

Ya...can you bring down a dozen of the toffee chip ones when you're down in LA in Aug?? :) Thanks!


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