Saturday, April 25, 2009

BIX like a restaurant in the Prohibition Era – San Francisco

As the title is noted, BIX feels like an underground restaurant during the prohibition era. Bartenders shaking up martinis, servers in full uniform, dimly lit restaurant with a soft glowing  lamp on each table, a live jazz piano player complete with a singer. The crowd is definitely older business professions and mostly men.

BIX in San Francisco - Potato pillows with creme fraiche and American Sturgeon Caviar

BIX in San Francisco -Truffle Cheese and Sweet Onion “Croques”

We ate like Kings:  American Sturgeon Caviar on crunchy potato shaped like petit four , american kobe bavette steak with truffle fries, fresh Maine lobster cream spaghetti, truffle cheese croques, bone marrow,  table-side prepared steak tartare and FOUR different desserts.

BIX in San Francisco - American Kobe Bavette Steak with truffle french fries BIX in San Francisco - Marrow Bones with parsley caper and shallot salad BIX in San Francisco - Fresh Maine Lobster Spaghetti with lobster cream    

I order steak tartare at every restaurant when offered. BIX has to be the BEST of the best. The tartare is brought to the table beautiful presented with a description of each ingredient and skillfully mixed. Lastly the waiter will mist the plate with cognac! These are the little details which make a restaurant memorable and worth every dime. The dish was only $13.95.

                        BIX in San Francisco - handcut steak tartare

The stand out dessert was the house made “whoppers” with malted chocolate chip ice cream. The whoppers are deformed circles and sprinkled with salt.

BIX in San Francisco - Pineapple Brown Butter Upside down cake with caramel ice cream BIX in San Francisco - Warm Chocolate Brioche bread pudding BIX in San Francisco - El Rey Chocolate and butterscoth brownies with whipped cream BIX in San Francisco - Malted Milk chocolate and vanilla ice cream with housemade whoppers

I will have to return for lunch and try their burger. I read via Tablehopper BIX created and patented a kitchen tool that cooks the burger evenly. They are offering a $19.95 2 course lunch and a $34.95 3 course dinner. Service was great but not excellent.


56 Gold St
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 433-6300

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Kung Food Panda said...

This place sounds great!!

As you posted on that other site, will bringing a girl here really get you laid by date #3?? :P

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