Thursday, May 21, 2009

#33 House of Prime Rib - The Big 100 Eat

House of Prime's (HoPR) Prime Rib is #33 on 7x7 Magazine's 100 Things you must try before you die list in San Francisco. HoPR is a staple and institution in San Francisco along with Zuni Cafe and Boulevard's like how you MUST visit the Golden Gate Bridge when in San Francisco. HoPR is busy no matter what day of the week, it could be a Monday night at 9pm and the dining room is full.

*King Henry cut (medium) with cream spinach and corn, the other with Yorkshire pudding*

House of Prime Rib in San Francisco - King Henry Cut with cream spinach and cornHouse of Prime Rib in San Francisco - King Henry Cut with yorkshire pudding on top

One of the best deal in town, depending on which prime rib cut it includes the famous spinning salad with house made dressing, cream spinach or cream corn, baked or mashed potato and Yorkshire pudding. Every table is slammed with a whole sourdough bread. I like to use their mild horseradish (like a whip cream with fresh pieces of horseradish root) as a butter to the bread.

*Spinning salad with extra beets & Baked potato with everything and horseradish cream*

House of Prime Rib in San Francisco - Spinning Salad with extra beetsHouse of Prime Rib in San Francisco - baked potato and horseradish cream

HoPR offers seconds on everything including the prime rib but seriously I can barely finish my prime rib slice. I always get the largest cut; King Henry because it comes with the bone. HoPR is one of my favorite restaurants with so many last minute causal dinners to birthdays to holiday dinners.

The 49ers dine at HoPR when they win a game locally. They have a special room dedicated to them and decorated with 49ers memorabilia. House of Prime Rib is on Chronicle's 2009 Top 100 restaurants in the Bay Area.

House of Prime Rib
1906 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109
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