Monday, May 18, 2009

#88 Ti Couz - The Big 100 Eat

Ti Couz's buckwheat crepe and French cider is #88 on 7x7 Magazine 100 Things to try before you die in San Francisco list. This is one of the more vague recommendation from 7x7 Magazine because the restaurant is a crepe house with savory and sweet dishes. There are also serveral French ciders to choose from. I've been looking forward to Ti Couz for dessert so when the stars aligned that day with a light dinner we headed over to the Mission.

We arrived at 10 pm when they close at 11 pm. The restaurant is quite huge with two dining rooms and NO servers in sight. They have a open kitchen 5 feet away from the door and the cook saw us without any acknowledgement nor did he tell anyone. He wasn't cooking etheir. We were not greeted until 10 mins later but that is because I went to look for someone. When we were seated the server was bluntly annoyed and sighing heavily. Did I leave a shitty tip? Will I return? Fuck Yes. Fuck No.

Berries buckwheat crepe with bouche French cider
Ti Couz in San Francisco - Berries Crepe with Bouche non-alcoholic cider

We ordered the berries crepe, the Suzette (table side flambe Grand Mariner) and a bouche - non alcoholic French Cider. The berries was filled with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries and was a good combination because it was not too sweet.

Grand Marnier buckwheat crepe
Ti Couz in San Francisco - Orange Grand Marnier Flambee Crepe

The Suzette was too sweet and since the fire was extinguished too quickly the alcohol wasn't cooked away. The in-between of alcohol and orange flavor did not make a winning combination. I'm sure Ti Couz is not worried about business since they are smacked in the heart of the Mission where hipsters hang but I will not be spending my money here. Ever. Again.

Ti Couz
3108 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 252-7373
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