Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Michael Mina's RN74 in San Francisco

Michael Mina's new restaurant RN74 located in the Millennium Towers in the SOMA district. RN74 represents Route Nationale 74 in France so there is a train theme. The wine list is posted on train billboards and there is one constantly changing train schedule which posts current wine bottle with only one left in inventory. I felt like I was on standby anticipating my next boarding time. The bathroom music plays French conversations. The menu is pegged as affordable but the portions are smaller and really not wallet friendly in these economic times.

The $9 tempura Shiitake Mushroom, $9 Chicken Pate and $9 chick pea with pea leaves were the best deal of the night. The $15 flounder carpaccio was bland and the highlight was the avocado puree. The fish portion was also one thin piece.

RN74 in San Francisco - Tempura Shiitake MushroomsRN74 in San Francisco - Chicken PateRN74 in San Francisco - Chick peas and pea leavesRN74 in San Francisco -Flounder Carpaccio

The entrees were really disappointing for a Michael Mina labeled restaurant. I was attracted to the $28 ribeye because of the bone marrow sauce. The plate was presented with 4 sliced ribeye in a very salty sauce. The $27 Duck Confit Cassolet was also very salty served with diced duck sausage.

RN74 in San Francisco - Rib eyeRN74 in San Francisco - Duck Confit Cassolette

I enjoyed the desserts more than the dishes, however the desserts were plated and sized for a white linen cloth establishment. The $9 Chocolate Delica extra dark chocolate with a caramel center served with mini roasted bananas. The $9 White sesame pot de creme was a unique take but the stewed cherries were overkill in sweetness and there was too much.

RN74 in San Francisco - White sesame seed pot de cremeRN74 in San Francisco - Chocolate Delice

We had 5 glasses of "tasting" wine and the pour is decent. The wait between each course was very long but forgivable since the restaurant is about 2 weeks old. I did not like how they use pine sol to wipe down the tables. The strong scent is very unappetizing.

I might return when the menu is more exciting. There was nothing on the menu that was very interesting. There is valet parking but we waited 10 mins just for someone to show up.

301 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94199
(415) 543-7474
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