Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spruce in San Francisco represents the neighborhood

Spruce is located one parallel block from Laurel Village. The restaurant clearly represents the neighborhood with upscale fashion forward boutiques like Grocery Store and minimanlistic furniture stores. They offer $12 valet parking clamored with luxury cars. I think I saw every imaginable model of Mercedes including the boxy gas guzzler hummer-like one and a CLS 600. Parking is bountiful if you don't mind walking a block or two ( I didn't mind.)

I was surprised to find a lavish spacious restaurant with lots of natural light and servers dressed formally in a residential area. The entire restaurant team's service was very good including the host, sommeliar, server, bartender, busser and runners.

Spruce in San Francisco - Hot and cold foie gras

We started with the recommended Charcuterie selection since they cure everything in-house. The duck mousse was amazing smooth fragant with none of the spices overpowering each other. The hot and cold foie gras was pricey at $22. The hot foie gras in the strawberry consumme was the size of my pinkie. The veal sweetbread was too dry and not memorable.

Spruce in San Francisco - Charcuterie selectionSpruce in San Francisco - Sweetbread Lyonnaise

I really came for the duck fat potatoes served with bavette steak, it was the least favorite dish of the evening. The potatoes had no flavor at all, not even salt and the crust of the potato was stale. The bavette steak was dry, chewy and tough. To compare, Perbacco and BIX's bavette steak melted like butter.

Spruce in San Francisco - Grilled Bavette steak with duck fat potatoesSpruce in San Francisco - Butter Maine LobsterSpruce in San Francisco - Charred Berkshire pork tenderloin with crispy pork belly

I think the best dish of 2009 for me so far is the Seared Petrale Sole with dungeness crab in a champange butter. The fish had the natural sea sweetness and the contrast of the flaky meat and crusty seared crust hit the note. Then add dungeness crab meat which was juicy, fresh and the crisp champange butter made my mouth sing with the note. Simple. Memorable.

Spruce in San Francisco - Seared Petrale Sole with dungeness crab and champagne butter

We ordered 6 desserts for 4 girls and it was the first attempt by the staff to make a joke. When I ordered I said, "Don't judge us" and the manager reply was "Don't worry, we already talked about you guys in the kitchen."

Spruce in San Francisco - Black magic devil's food cakeSpruce in San Francisco - BeignetsSpruce in San Francisco - Coffee CakeSpruce in San Francisco - PiedmontSpruce in San Francisco - Coconut sorbet in a meringue coatingSpruce in San Francisco - Banana and milk jam millefeuille

We were all fighting over the coconut sorbet with a thin meringue layer. We had a heavy meal and the refreshing light sorbet was welcomed. Passionfruit and coconut gelees came with the check. This is the first year Spruce is participating for lunch in the Dine about Town event starting from June 1st to the 15th. $21.95 for 3 courses is a STEAL at Spruce.

Spruce in San Francisco - Passionfruit and Coconut geleesSpruce in San Francisco - passionfruit and coconut gelees (happy toothy face)

3640 Sacramento St
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 931-5100
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