Monday, June 29, 2009

#10 Nick's Crispy Tacos - The Big 100 Eat

We all did it, sneak into a club under the age of 21 powdering a pound of make-up, leaving the house in sweats but entering the club in a scandalous outfit we come to regret. Nick’s Crispy Tacos #10 Baja Fish Taco for 7x7 Magazine 100 Things to try before you die in San Francisco list in located inside the nightclub Rouge.

Nick occupies the space during the day and when the sun sets men in pop up collars and women impersonating the personalities of "The Hills" crowds into this space.

Dining on patio furniture and surrounded by exaggerated crystal chandeliers and a red velvety theme is an experience in itself. Other than the fact I was still sticker shocked at the counter. $20 for four Crispy Baja-Fish “Nick’s way” tacos. (Nick’s way .95 for guacamole and jack cheese.)

Nick's Crispy Fish Tacos in San Francisco

The fried fish is large in size, more like fish with a side of taco. The fish is very crispy with a combo of fresh crunchy cabbage and onions. The tacos are indeed tasty but at the price of one taco I could get a whole burrito. $2 Taco Tuesday excludes fish, starts at 5pm. I will have to pay a visit to Underdogs’ Sport Bar which serves Nick’s Taco too and $1 Taco Tuesday after 5pm.

Nick's Crispy Tacos
1500 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 409-8226
Nick's Crispy Tacos on Urbanspoon


foodhoe said...

I like the chicken tacos done Nick's way best personally. the chips and salsa are pretty good too. I used to work by this place and ate there often. Good times...

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