Saturday, June 27, 2009

#11 Delfina - The Big 100 Eat

The hustle and bustle in the trifecta of deliciousness: Tartine Bakery-Delfina-Bi-Rite Creamery makes one forget the gloomy recession’s overcast. I was ready to try Delfina’s #11 Pork Sugo with Papparelle on 7x7 Magazine-100 Things to try before you die in San Francisco list. 9pm on a Monday, I don’t need a reservation right?? The host informed me the bar was open seating or come back at 10pm...


On a Monday??

I chose the bar seat.

Delfina in San Francisco - Grilled Fresh Calamari with warm white bean saladThe service is very friendly, all of the servers were soft spoken, poised and knowledgeable but slow. I wanted to ordered almost everything off the menu and the server suggested getting half orders so we can taste a variety. We started with the recommended Grilled Calamari with white bean salad. The calamari included the tentacles and grilled nicely but salty. The white beans are tiny so it wasn’t gritty or fibrous.

The main attraction were Three Headliners each half an order:

Delfina in San Francisco - Pappardella with Pork SugoPork Sugo with Pappardelle: First bite, my eyes pop out of my head. The sauce was rich but not creamy which means I could eat a bowl without feeling woozy. The pasta was about an 1/8 inch thick and cooked al dente. It did lack the silkiness like Farina’s handkerchief pasta.

Delfina in San Francisco - Risotto Milanese with oxtail raguRisotto Milanese with Oxtail: A different type of rice than a classic risotto, a little grainy with a bite down to the teeth feel . I would have liked a little more oxtail ragu than the little dab in the middle.

Delfina in San Francisco - Prosciutto-Marscapone Ravioli with lemon-herb burro fusoProsciutto Mascarpone Ravioli: I had to fight for this dish since it was so quickly devoured. You really get what you pay for since I hate supermarket ravioli because it’s always too doughy and bland. The ravioli was thin but the presence was still there and the Ricotta texture of the Mascarpone complemented the salty Prosciutto. The lemon herb butter sauce had enough citrus to cut the oiliness of butter.

Delfina in San Francisco - Roasted Tokyo Turnips and their greensSides included Roasted Tokyo Turnips and their greens and Baked Polenta with Fontina Cheese. The turnips almost had the texture of potatoes without the starchiness, the greens are like a cross between broccoli rabe and spinach. The baked polenta was very cheesy.Delfina in San Francisco - Polenta with fontinaDelfina in San Francisco - Polenta with Fontina, look at the cheesiness

Delfina changes the menu daily and updates it on their website daily. I’m waiting for the Pappardella and Ravioli before I make an appearance again. Delfina reminds me of the Picco Restaurant/Picco Pizzeria in Larkspur, CA which is also off the chart saliva drooling too.

3621 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 552-4055
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foodhoe said...

Yum, sounds like a delicious meal. Yet another one to add to the long list to try.


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