Monday, June 1, 2009

#27 Sai Jai Thai –The Big 100 Eat

Sai Jai (SJ) Thai’s Salty crab papaya salad is #27 on 7x7 Magazine’s 100 Things you must try before you die in San Francisco list. SJ holds a special place in my heart because one guy I really love brought me here. He loves SJ and their Angel Wings (pork and clear noodles stuffed in a chicken wing and deep fried.)

Angel Wings

He bought 2 orders to go and we were devouring it in the car. I was feeding him while it was burning our tongues and pieces flying everywhere as we drove up and down the San Francisco hills. He use to drop off SJ food to me at school when I lived in the library. I return to SJ often for their Angel Wings, BBQ pork shoulder fried rice and roti (fried pancakes with condensed milk.)

Salty Crab Papaya Salad

The salty crab papaya salad is seasoned consistently with a good balance of fish sauce, lime, chili and sugar. The papaya is crunchy with the added crisp of raw cabbage. The crab is black from the marinate and of course salty. I like to suck the meat out of the legs and then take a bite of the salad.

BBQ Pork Shoulder with fried rice

SJ is located in a sketchy part of town but there is no reason to be afraid. I was here one time when a undercover cop was buying crack from someone in front of SJ and then all of a sudden police cars came swooping out of nowhere, red and blue lights flashing. Dinner and a show.

Sai Jai Thai Click here for menu

771 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 673-5774

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Lolia S said...

Oooh, those wings look amazing - so you're going to try all 100 things??

cocochanelella said...

Those wings are the best in the city. Yup I'm shooting to finish the list before the year ends. I'm about a quarter way through.

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