Thursday, June 18, 2009

#95 Grubstake - The Big 100 Eat

Grubstake’s caldo verde soup to be eaten at 3 a.m. is #95 on 7x7 Magazine 100 Things you must try before you die in San Francisco list. Okay, so I cheated I had the soup at midnight rather than 3 a.m. because no amount of expensive brand name under-eye-bag cream will work staying past 3 a.m.

Grubstake in San Francisco - Train Wall and Pic of Guy Fieri of Triple D

Featured on Food Network’s Triple D (I have to admit I love Guy Fieri’s charisma but not always his recommendations.) Grubstake opens until 4 a.m. EVERY night so it is perfect for late night eats rather than crappy Video Cafe or Lucky Penny. Grubstake is built out of a old railroad car with strung Christmas lights above and hung pictures of black and white movies like my favorite actor Bogey.

Grubstake in San Francisco - Caldo Verde Soup

The caldo verde soup is kale, linguiƧa and potatoes. The bowl is hot and the soup was steaming which is how I like my soups. The kale is cooked until broken down, a good amount of linguiƧa and light on the potatoes. This soup would feel incredible after a night of debauchery or in bed with a cold.

Grubstake in San Francisco - Buffalo WingsGrubstake in San Francisco - BIg BreakfastGrubstake in San Francisco - Pastrami Sandwich

They serve breakfast, lunch and a Portuguese section with dishes up to $17. We ordered the buffalo wings, pastrami sandwich and big breakfast. The buffalo wings was baked with charred bits and really fantastic with their homemade chili verde hot sauce. The hot sauce is spicy tangy and puree thick, sold at $7.50 a bottle.

1525 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 673-8268
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That soup looks worth staying up for!

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