Dosa Cafe inside Garam Masala Market in San Jose

Monday, June 8, 2009

This place is real gem and an accidental find located in a plaza with Manila Market as the anchor. The restaurant is inside the small supermarket with Vegetarian Southern Indian food. The prices are outrageously cheap and the food is better than most places at twice the price.

1.) Order your meal with the woman cashier in front
2.) Take the number, a seat, grab your utensils and water
3.) Pick up your food when called and you are off to a terrific simple meal.

The best deal is the lunch combos at $3.99!! I’m still reeling from the price point. I can’t even get a artery clogging Styrofoam tasting McDonald’s at this price.

Dosa Cafe in San Jose - Masala dosa with Idly

My favorite and recent discovery is their Gobi Manchurian: deep fried cauliflower tossed in a spicy, very light/thin tomatoey sauce with red onions and bell peppers. I like to wrap in up with their Poori. The cauliflower is very substantial and almost taste like meat. I’ve been back many times for this dish.

Dosa Cafe in San Jose,CA - Gobi ManchurianDosa Cafe in San Jose,CA - Poori

The other dishes: Chili onion uthappam, Aloo Paratha and Idly are delicious as well. The curry chick peas served with the Aloo Pratha is always mopped clean. I’ll update the review when I tried more of their dishes. The menu is not translated and the cashier is friendly and helpful with any questions.

Dosa Cafe in San Jose,CA - Spring DosaDosa Cafe in San Jose,CA - Chili onion uthappamDosa Cafe in San Jose,CA - Aloo Paratha

Dosa Cafe
2852 S White Rd
San Jose, CA 95148
(408) 531-8869


foodhoe said...

everything looks so good, I can't beleive they serve combos for $3.99! Wish they had an SF post by my office... Great blog btw, I love that you are working your way through the 7x7 list so I can get vicarious thrills.

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