Paulette Macarons and Michael Jackson

Friday, June 26, 2009

I was glued to YouTube last night re-watching some of my favorite MJ videos. As with many, the passing of “King of Pop” made me sad because it felt like  a part of my childhood had vanquished.

Thriller was playing in the background, me, a dorky kid admiring my older cousins because they could drive, wear make-up and come home at midnight. Beat it was booming from a small record store and it was when my dad bought me my first album. The song that tugged at my heart-string the hardest was Black and White.

I remember it debuted on TV at prime time and my family finished our dinner quickly to tune in. At the time, I didn’t understand the political statement behind the song and I was in awe at the morphing technology. We all pointed excitedly at the Asian girl, happy to finally see an Asian represented in mainstream media.

Paulette Macarons immediately came to mind when I was watching the video. My visit to the store was filled with every color imaginable from the rainbow displayed. Different colors and flavors to entice the sight and then the anticipation to bite into the treats. 

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There were 14 flavors available and I got everything. The flavors are very distinctive and should be tasted like a wine flight. I made the mistake of eating the mint macaron first and it overpowered the rest. My recommendation is to start with basics like vanilla, then floral flavors, herbs and lastly heavier rich ingredients like chocolate. A cup of green tea would complete the experience.


The rainbow flag represents the gay community especially important in San Francisco and it also celebrates diversity. I’ve visited many metropolitan cities in the U.S. and nowhere compares to San Francisco’s melting pot. MJ’s Black and White video would be proud of Paulette’s Macarons.

P.S. June is gay pride month.

Paulette Macarons
437 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 864-2400


Lolia S said...

From MJ to Paulette Macarons :-). I'm still in shock...saddened too.

Byron Shirley said...

Hi Bonnie, this is Byron from Paulette Macarons. Thanks for writing such a nice piece on our delicious little French treats! I am flattered that you would mention MJ and Paulette's in the same sentence, he he. (Bless him...on the evening of his passing I danced in front of the Ferry Building with 200+ people to his music.)

Anyways, keep on writing about your food adventures, they are making me hungry!

See you soon at Paulette's.


cocochanelella said...

@Byron Shirley, I would have to say Paulette's macarons are one of my favorite especially the tea. See you soon at Paulette's

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