Stalking the Crème Brûlée Cart in San Francisco

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've been stalking the Crème Brûlée Cart on twitter for awhile now but he would appear on the days I was working.

3:00pm: Crème Brûlée Cart: Creme brulee on a Monday makes it feel like Friday. Who's in?

3:07pm: Cocochanelella: @cremebruleecart Yes! When and where?

Direct Message for location since the street vendors are beginning to get busted by the police.

6:30pm: Me: Hurry and finish eating the pupusas we need to find the creme burlee cart!!

6:35pm: Me: Come on!

6:50pm: [Waiting in the car parked directly across from the location]

6:55pm: [Spots creme burlee guy rolling his cart]
[Notices people are swooping out of nowhere in every direction]
[Chases the creme brulee guy]

Him: [Ummm, can I set up first?]

7:00pm: [Standing a few feet away to let him "set up"]
[A couple just approaches and buys two creme burlee]
Me: [What the hell? they see me waiting and I was first in line]

7:01pm: Can I have one of each and an extra Baileys?
[Opens the lids, sprinkle sugar and torches those babies]

Crème Brûlée Cart in San FranciscoCrème Brûlée Cart in San Francisco - Sprinkling sugarCrème Brûlée Cart in San Francisco - Torching

7:10pm: [Finished with baileys and begin to hate myself for eating another]

So it turns out I'm a certified stalker and maybe the creme brulee guy didn't like my eagerness but I wanted to make sure I got to try it since I noticed he sells out in less than half an hour via Twitter. The creme brulees are well done, creamy and flavorful. Flavors include chocolate raspberry, white Russian, Bailey's and Vanilla.

Crème Brûlée Cart in San Francisco

I prefer a thicker and darker sugar crust but it is really about the novelty with pretty tasty homemade creme brulee to boot. At $3 a pop it is really affordable but at the same time I feel it is expensive. I didn't like his attitude and it might be specifically to me because other reviews indicate he is very friendly. Oh well. I make a pretty mean creme brulee myself, who wants to stalk me?


Kung Food Panda said...

$3 each huh? How big were the creme brulee? You know this is by far my favorite dessert right??

BTW, I'll stalk you on twitter =P

foodhoe said...

I do that too sometimes, freak people out with my enthusiasm! Dang, if they sell out in 30 minutes you need to be aggressive. I've been wanting to check out all those carts, but seems like I'll just read about it on your blog! I'm following too.

cocochanelella said...

KFP: The creme brulee is in a 4 oz cup size filled about 80%, a good quick cheap snack but he's massively popular. He was sponsored by a movie company last week to give out 500 cream brulees!

Foodhoe: I dragged my friends along and they actually had a good time going around town for a food crawl and stalking the creme burlee guy. I was 2nd in to buy from him and a line of 20 was already behind me.

Lolia S said...

I'll stalk you and your creme brulees

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