Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sweet Potato Stall in front of Galleria Mall in Santa Clara, CA

I get my haircut across the way at Salon Academy and my pedicure a few doors down at QT nails but I never stepped into the Galleria Mall until now. I stopped mainly for Paris baguette and remembered about the Sweet Potato Man Stall from Fro-yo Girl Speaks.

The old man is very sweet as we approached he eagerly got up from reading  his newspaper and beckon us to come closer and pointed at the sign “3 for $2” and asks, “How many?”

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I never seen a oven like Sweet Potato Man’s, it’s old, blue, looks heavy and steam was billowing everywhere when he pop open the cover. There are two big boxes of sweet potatoes stacked next to the oven. . The potatoes are small about the length of a dollar bill, cooked thoroughly, a bit smoky and the skin peeled off easily.


We paid for 3 pieces packed in a brown paper bag and he gave us a extra piece. A very cheap, healthy, delicious snack when shopping near by.

Sweet Potato Stall

3531 El Camino Real
In front of Galleria Market
Santa Clara, CA 95052


Lolia S said...

You go all the way down there for a haircut? Get some pastries from Paris Baguette...I like their red bean buns!

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