Thursday, July 2, 2009

#40 Taylor's Automatic Refresher - The Big 100 Eat

I’m not a 9-5er or work in the Financial District so trips to the Ferry Building are rare and my Saturdays are for sleeping late. Parking at the Ferry Building? Well, I don’t like getting robbed and then have to thank them too.

Another Triple D by Guy Fieri recommendation, to be exact he filmed at the Napa location but nonetheless the one at the Ferry building is closer. As expected the joint is jumping with FiDi workers and a slew of tourist capturing moments on their dSLRs.

Taylor's Automatic Refresher at Ferry BuildingTaylor's Automatic Refresher at Ferry Building (2)

A smiling cashier takes my order, noticeably cheerful this is not a ordinary moody McDonald worker. I order my cheeseburger, #40 on 7x7 Magazine – 100 Things to try before you die in San Francisco list. I’m given a pager so I can collect my order. I waited outside to watch tourists pose in varies spots, a group of teenagers across the street danced to beats and suits zombie into their crackberry.

Taylor's Automatic Refresher at Ferry Building (3)

My pager shakes and lights a violent red I exchange it for my lunch. I’m instantly enamored with my burger because of the egg bun. I love burgers that do not use the supermarket-like sesame bun. The meat is juicy with the crispy outer bits to contrast the fresh tomato and lettuce. Next time I will try their famous $15 Ahi Tuna burger.

Taylor's Automatic Refresher at Ferry Building - Cheeseburger

Taylor’s Automatic Refresher
1 Ferry Bldg
Marketplace Shop #6
San Francisco, CA 94111
(866) 328-3663
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Lolia S said...

I'm hungry :-)

foodhoe said...

ooh looks delish. I haven't been in ages, thanks for the reminder!

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