Sunday, July 19, 2009

#81 Punjab Kebab House - The Big 100 Eat

What $7.41 (including tax) buys you at Punjab Kebab House. My #81 Chicken curry lunch special included rice each grain fork fluffy and separated singly, big pieces of chicken with both dark and white meat in a mild spicy curry sauce. The sauce was not gritty and not overly induced with oil, with a hint of tomato. On the other side of the plate was chick peas cooked in a herby curry sauce.

Punjab Kebab House in San Francisco - Chicken Korma curry, chick peas and ricePunjab Kebab House in San Francisco - Nann

The lunch deal included the fluffiest, flaky soft nann bread. I had a grand time using my nann to mop up the chick pea and curry sauce. Free chai tea offered with sugar or Equal (very rarely seen.) Punjab Kebab House's system is like the other Indian/Pakistan restaurants nearby: order and pay at the cashier and they will bring the dishes to the table. Plates, utensils and tea are self serve. The restaurant is outfitted in velvety furniture, paintings on the wall and background Indian music.

Punjab Kebab House in San Francisco - Free Chai TeaPunjab Kebab House in San Francisco

A happy discovery from the 7x7 Magazine list and now one of my favorite place.

Punjab Kebab House
101 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 447-7499
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foodhoe said...

mmmm that looks great, I love good naan and curry. Nice touch with the free chai too.

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