Friday, July 24, 2009

Carb Overload Grubbing on the SF Big Eats list

I began the warm breezy afternoon in the Mission. During the day, the Mission is a different scene, of course still filled with hipsters but no traffic, plenty of parking and all the restaurants are tame. Monk’s Kettle is no exception, come after 5 pm this tiny little restaurant/bar has a line out the door like they are giving away free beer.

Monk's Kettle in San Francisco -Monk's Kettle in San Francisco -Monk's Kettle in San Francisco

Along one side of the restaurant is the kitchen and bar counter, the other side of the wall is equipped with half booths and large window bringing in natural light.

Monk's Kettle in San Francisco - Bite of Giant PretzelThe #50 giant pretzel on 7x7 The Big Eats List is indeed GIANT, actually the size works well….for Big Foot. The pretzel was very hot, salted right and origami-ed with precision. The dish is served with stone ground mustard and homemade cheddar ale sauce. I was digging at the cheddar as it had a nice bitterness, I only wish I can cram the pretzel in my purse at the movie theatre.

Monk's Kettle in San Francisco - Giant Pretzel with stone ground mustard and nacho cheese

The basket of fries served with chipotle ketchup, herb and curry aioli turned my world upside down. The basket was piled high like a mountain and after 30 mins two people didn’t make a noticeable dent. The sauces! The sauces was flavorful, the curry aioli was my favorite I wanted to slab the sauce on rice, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips…

Monk's Kettle in San Francisco - Fries with curry and regular aioli and chipotle ketchup

*I would like to preface the pictures at Slow Club are dark because the restaurant was very dark and I didn’t want to ruin the mood with my camera flashing off.

Slow Club in San Francisco - Burger and Fries

I think I just found a worthy burger to put on a pedestal to compare the rest of my future burger endevours. Slow Club’s #6 hamburger and fries on 7x7 The Big Eats List is the highlight of my month. The meat was juicy and lightly patted together as it had a firm crust but the meat was soft. The red color on the meat qualifies for food porn and almost obscene to the eyes. The "Ron Jeremy" of a patty was on a bed of spring greens, tomatoes, grilled onions, ailoi and sandwiched with a sturdy bun.

Slow Club in San Francisco - Burger (med rare)

We started off with a potato and leek soup with shoestring potatoes, a nice thin creamy soup with the potato as the supporting actor. The Egg Fettucine with vegetable was sauteed in a nice lemon butter sauce mixed with artichoke hearts, zucchini, and tomatoes. The pasta dish had thin loose curly texture and nice roasted vegetable to contrast the light sauce but because the burger was so amazing it didn't get the attention it deserved.

Slow Club in San Francisco - Potato Leek SoupSlow Club in San Francisco - Vegetable egg Fettucine

We ended the meal wishing we ordered a burger each but the pineapple bread pudding was a nice way to stop regret. The bread pudding had big chucks of caramelized pineapple in every bite, it would definitely qualify as food porn if it came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Slow Club in San Francisco - Pineapple bread pudding

Monk's Kettle
3141 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 865-9523

Slow Club
2501 Mariposa St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 241-9390
Slow Club on Urbanspoon


foodhoe said...

well, following along with you, now I have the pretzel/fries thing at monk's kettle and the burger at slo club on my ever growing long list of things to eat. I'm glad you are paving the way knocking the lame stuff off so I don't have to waste my time!

Lolia S said...

Oh yum, I love giant pretzels :-)

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