Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Hour Oysters and Soups - The Big 100 Eats List

It's Monday? And I'm free at 4pm? Oooo, I can make Hog Island's happy hour. (You may also run this script through your head on Thursdays.) Since we missed the first seating (happy hour 5-7pm, Monday and Thursday) because finding street parking was far, hard and almost cost me a entire roll of quarters. We waited 45 mins before the host wrote "Bonnie" on a dry erase board and flashed it around like he was picking up a CEO at a airport.

Hogs Island in San Francisco - Happy Hour Wait!!

The happy hour wait crowd.

We were seated outside (no outdoor heat lamps) on a dreary light foggy evening (really, when isn't San Francisco foggy?) The view of the Bay Bridge is still fantastic and people watching is always fun (well, always fun to check out handsome men.)

Hogs Island in San Francisco - View from outdoor seatsHogs Island in San Francisco - Acme Bread

We were served ACME bread and minutes later our plate of $1 Quilcene oysters arrive. Sweet. Juicy. Slippery. One Dollar. I like to shake some Tabasco and then sluuurpe.

Hogs Island in San Francisco - Happy Hour $1 OystersHogs Island in San Francisco - Happy Hour $1 Oysters with tabasco

The #99 $14 Clam chowder on the 7x7 The Big 100 Eats was a good way to warm up after the heavy fog started to obscure my view of the bridge. The clam chowder is laden with fresh shell clams, literally "clam" chowder. The broth was light, pronounced with the heavy cream as the based, a few potatoes but not enough to thicken the soup, bits of bacon, celery and onions. Really, the way I like my clam chowders.

Hogs Island in San Francisco - Clam Chowder

...while we were waiting patiently and with our stomach growling especially at the sight of buckets of oysters. I hopped over to Mijita to take out the #91 $6.50 Albondigas soup. A tomato based broth started with the classic mirepoix with gumball size beef and pork meatballs, topped with strips of tortilla chips. The soup made the wait breeze by and lower the decibel of our stomachs growling.

Albondigas soup at Mijita in San Francisco

Hog Island Oyster Co.
1 Ferry Building #111
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 391-7117

1 Ferry Building #44
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 399-0814
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Kung Food Panda said...

the clam chowder honestly looks SO good!!

foodhoe said...

I love Hog Island anything, especially the view and even outside in the cold clammy fog... That's awesome you were able to knock off two dishes from the big list! I've got to go check out the Albondigas soup, it looks delicious.

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