Sunday, August 30, 2009

#20 Liberty Cafe - The Big 100 Eats List

Very unusual,Cortland Ave
is a neighborhood without a Starbucks or chain business drilling away local businesses. The neighborhood is charming with locals walking their dogs, kids hanging out eating ice creams with sticky fingers, and police greeting friendly faces.

Liberty Cafe has gone through a lot of changes lately; Cathie Guntli, the owner passed away earlier this year, Stuart Bai and Tony Hua are new owners and the chef left after conflict with the new owners. More information here.

I never frequent Bernal Heights as it is across town for me, and because of the The Big 100 Eats List I find myself at a charming neighborhood on a unusual scorching hot day for San Francisco.

The restaurant was filled at half past noon, the two lovely tattooed ladies gave a warmth with their smile. We were immediately served warm rosemary buns as I saw our server get them from the oven. The rosemary scent lathered with butter revved up our hunger.

I ordered the #20 $13 Chicken Pot Pie. The pot pie came to me steaming hot, I can feel the steam trying to escape the flaky crust. I used my spoon to gently “knock, knock” a hole into my crust with the steam puffing into the air. The potpie is filled generously with chunks of chicken and potatoes, some peas, fresh chopped carrots (none of the frozen cubes) and pearl onions. The gravy is thick from the potatoes and seasoned just right (not salty or bland.)

The other plate was $15 Chicken Steak in a mushroom cream sauce, potato salad and roasted asparagus. The Chicken breast is lightly breaded and pan-fried, the mushroom cream sauce was too watery and needed a pinch of salt, the potato salad was also the same. The asparagus was amazingly roasted, with the smoky boiled taste but still crispy and deep green.

Liberty Cafe is a place with regular customers with friendship built between the servers over time. I wish I had room for one of their homemade pie and ice cream, until next time…

Liberty Cafe

410 Cortland Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 695-8777
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