Friday, August 7, 2009

#43 Alembic – The Big Eat 100 List

I’ve been dreaming about my meal at Alembic for a week. Seriously, one night I would be happily enjoying an encore of my meal, another night I find out my friends didn’t invite me, and one night the kitchen ran out of food. I know. I’m a fatty. Obsessed fatty.

I’m kicking myself for not eating at Alembic sooner because they open until 2 am every night with delicious food. Sometimes, the late night eating options in San Francisco are passable BECAUSE it is late.

Mint Julep

A bar/restaurant specializing in fun cocktails and fine dining-like food. I ordered the #43 $10 Mint Julep from the Big 100 Eat List to start off the evening. The cocktail was served in a frozen aluminum cup and packed with ice on top. I don’t know much about alcohol but the presentation was detailed and the drink went down well. Each table is given a dish of savory sweet popcorn to accompany the drinks.


Can you believe Beef Tartare is served here? I usually find this dish in fancy, linen cloth table restaurants (BiX, Epic Roasthouse.) The $12 Bavette Steak Tartare is served with tomato confit, horseradish and topped with a raw quail egg yolk.  The whole mountain is mixed with tasty arugula puree and eaten with very thinly sliced crostini. I was in heaven.

The $9 Chicken Liver Pate was forgotten by the server and she kindly comped the dish in the end. The pate is mixed with egg, and big chunks of liver throughout, missing was a condiment of stone ground mustard, a dab for each bite would have skyrocketed my taste buds.

We only ordered one $5 Pork Belly “BLT” Slider because we had so many dishes coming….I could have ate 2 on my own, the pork belly is very fatty but roasted tenderly. The charred jalapeno ailoli is what made the slider rock.

I was also amazed $15 Crispy Duck Confit was on the menu. The meat fell off the bone with a small flick of my fork and a nice crispy fat free skin. The dish is topped with julienne endives giving it a bitterness and the sweetness of a poached peach to counteract.

My favorite of the night and lingering in my dreams:  $10 Bone Marrow. The Bone Marrow is sliced lengthwise, a really good way to scoop every  bit of fat. The bone marrow is served with capers and garlic confit to give the dish the “oompf".” Usually (BiX and Bacar), the bone marrow is slice crosswise and served with only Italian parsley. Beautiful presented and the smoky garlic and sour capers to give the fat more flavor.

I already can’t wait for my next trip to Alembic to try the Fried Green Tomatoes, mussels and  hanger steak. The service was friendly, although a little slow but why rush in the beautiful city of San Francisco with so many good eats.


1725 Haight Street
(between Cole St & Shrader St)
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 666-0822
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foodhoe said...

holy moly that marrow looks outrageous i tell you, outrageous! looks very worth the effort to make the trip over...

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