Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Namu out the way b*tch, mu out the way...cause I'm eating

The song by Ludacris might pop into your head while you are trying to hog the food from the rest of your company. Namu’s burger definitely had me humming the song because I wanted it all for me...

Namu in San FranciscoThe restaurant located in the Richmond district on Balboa avenue in a residential heavy street. The parking angel was on my side that night, I landed parking in front of the restaurant.

Namu in San Francisco - Banchan

The space is small, dimly lit and according to the website the bar counter is constructed from a 14 foot Cypress tree from the Golden Gate park. The banchan given to each table is a simple lightly seasoned bean sprouts, kimchee and pickled cucumber; very light to tease hunger.

Namu in San Francisco - Korean tacosI haven’t been able to attend the Thursday Ferry building Farmer’s Market to order Namu’s “real” Korean tacos so why not eat at the restaurant to try these highly revered buggers? The $7 for 2 tacos was room temperature served with still tender diced kalbi, rice, daikon, kimchee relish and romelade on nori. The ingredients are a winning combination but very difficult to eat without dropping everything. The presentation would probably suffer but if it was wrapped with parchment paper it would make eating the tacos more joyful.

Namu in San Francisco - Cold Soba SaladWe wanted to go light since it was also National Cheesecake day and my heart was set on a burger so the next dish was the $9 cold soba salad, pine nuts, romaine lettuce, tofu, cucumber and kimchee sesame dressing. The salad had different textures playing at once, the noodles were dry of water and a marvelous crescendo to the burger.

Namu in San Francisco - Tempura uni wrapped in shisoA interesting dish that caught my eye was the uni shiso tempura, cucumber and kaiware salad and lemon-soy vinaigrette. I asked the server how it was prepared, it is uni wrapped in shiso and then fried. She had me at “fried" and “uni.” The dish was amazing, I never had fried uni (sashimi, cooked, mashed, ripped apart live but never fried) and the texture combination was a party in my mouth and thus the beginning of Ludacris' song to play…

Namu in San Francisco - Niman beef burger with kimchee relish

I’ve been on a burger kick lately and Namu was my third burger of the week. Shockingly or unshockingly (depends on your perspective) I was still ready to throw down a burger. MY $12 Niman Ranch burger, kaiware, pickled diakon, dijon, aioli and kimchee relish ($1 extra), swiss with a choice or salad or french fries really made my week.

The burger was cook perfectly medium rare, soft with minimal handling from the kitchen staff and so juicy the picture speaks for itself. The “pain de mie” bun meaning “sweet bread crumb” was (pun intended) too crumbly. The bun was soaked thoroughly with the juice and fell apart as I was fighting my way through. No doubt I'll be coming back for their burger time and time again.

Namu in San Francisco - Niman beef burger with kimchee relish

We skipped on dessert since we were heading to Cheesecake Factory for half off cheesecake for National Cheesecake day, find out how that experience went.

439 Balboa St
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 386-8332
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Lolia S said...

That's one juicy looking burger!

foodhoe said...

dang the title alone got my attention! I must go back for the fried uni shiso tempura that sounds fantastic.

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