Friday, September 18, 2009

Free lunch Promotion at Poleng Lounge

The crowd at Poleng's free lunch promoPoleng started serving lunch 9.08.09 and to get the word out they gave away 50 lunches a day for a week, it was so popular they extended it to 9.19.09. I stood in line at 10:45am, fifteen minutes before opening and I was #9. The group of older ladies ahead of me said they have been coming everyday for a week (it is free food after all.)

Poleng in San Francisco lunch formatLunch ranges from $5 for sides to $7 for lunch plates. We had to give our email address to get the free lunch ticket. The lunch format - order at the bar, pay, take a number and seat, utensils and water are self serve. Everything is served in take-out containers (all biodegradable but ironic with the amount of trash from lunch.)

The free lunch of the day was the $7 Mekong Delta roll and bowl:

Poleng in San Francisco - Mekong delta roll $7

"Crispy Vietnamese egg rolls of carrots, taro,pork, woodear mushrooms in a rice paper wrap on top of Vermicelli noodles. Served with red leaf lettuce & nuoc cham dipping sauce."

I took advantage of the free lunch because it was an opportunity to try #83 $5 Sweet Potato Fries and Banana Catsup on The Big Eats 100 List. The fries came to the table with the lid close so it steamed for a few seconds. I like the banana catsup because it was spicy with puree banana.

Poleng in San Francisco - Sweet potato fries and banana catsup

Along with lunch we ordered the $6.5 5 piece Siracha chicken wings and $7 5 Spice Pork Chop:
"The secret to long life is the 5 spices. An ancient Chinese seasoning rubbed generously on grilled pork garnished with scallions and nouc cham over vermicelli noodles and daikon slaw."

Poleng in San Francisco - Siracha chicken wingsPoleng in San Francisco - 5 spice pork chop $7

The portions are adequate and good if you are in a rush for lunch, service was fast and efficient. They offer exotic blends of juices for $2, flavored ice teas for $3 and spritzers for $5.

Poleng Lounge
1517 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 441-1751
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Lolia S said...

Ooh, free lunch!

Erika said...

I am absolutely dying to try Sweet Potato Fries. Everyone is always raving about them, and I have yet to taste them myself!! :)


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