Christmas lunch at The Rotunda in Neiman Marcus

Friday, December 25, 2009

I had a fun filled Christmas shopping day in downtown San Francisco, I primary bought stuff for myself since we celebrate Festivus rather than the holidays. I was looking forward to spending a day in downtown because I was having lunch at The Rotunda in Neiman Marcus. The day also included a trip to Tiffany, a stay at the Westin St. Francis hotel, ending the night with alone time sipping a extra hot caffe latte and reading my book. A wonderful day, indeed.

Neiman Marcus is home to the gazillion feet tall Christmas tree stretching from the bottom level to the 4th level almost touching the stained glass ceiling. I wasn't the only who had the idea to relax midday at The Rotunda, they stopped taking reservation from Dec 16th -26th, the wait for our table was an hour and half. The place was jumping with dazzling attractive beautiful gorgeous desperate housewives. They were decked out in fur, jewel tone satin dresses, light bulb diamond rings and killer stiletto heels.

Christmas @ The Rotunda at Neiman MarcusChristmas @ The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus

My last visit to The Rotunda in April was so cutesy I felt like a 5 year old playing house. I dined with my girlfriends - dressed up in tea party dresses, ate dainty food, surrounded by pouring natural sunlight, and a view of luxurious clothes, purses, makeup and jewelry from the balcony. Every young girl's dream. I made a mental note to dine at the Rotunda again for afternoon tea (after 2:30pm) and Christmas.

Christmas @ The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus

There are surprises at the Rotunda, there were models dressed in the 2010 Gucci Spring Line walking around and posing at each table. Our server was very sweet even though he was sweating from running around catering to a million customers. The table scape is graced with NM's butterfly as a napkin ring, we were immediately served the famous chicken consommé and popovers with strawberry butter. I was really looking forward to the warm, light, airy, crispy popovers (you can get seconds, thirds, fourths...)

The Rotunda at Neiman MarcusThe Rotunda - Chicken BrothThe Rotunda - Famous Popover with strawberry butter

We started with the $20 filet mignon carpaccio, a no brainer since the tender meat is delicious cooked or raw.

The Rotunda - Filet Mignon Carpaccio

Since it was the holiday there are seasonal dishes such as the pasta dish only available during the Christmas season. Of course, we ordered the $28 holiday pasta, a tomato based sauce made with lobster roe, tossed with scallops, shrimps and lobster claws. The sauce had the tang of the sea scent richness, savory but a light sweetness from the tomato. I will look forward to this dish next Christmas.

The Rotunda - the holiday special pasta, lobster, scallops, shrimp in lobster roe sauce

I went with the $18 Angus Cheeseburger since I enjoyed it on my last visit. The burger is one of my favorites in the city, juicy, grilled red onions and served on a brioche bun.

The Rotunda - CheeseburgerThe Rotunda - Cheeseburger

The Rotunda - Chicken SandwichThe $17 Chicken Sandwich is made with slices of roast chicken breast, fresh mozerella, and mixed greens. A much healthier choice than my Cheeseburger and just as tasty.

The 5 year old in me is can't wait to return in Spring when its mellow and warm for afternoon tea. The $35 service includes crust less sandwiches, a selection of pastries and a choice of tea. One of my favorite things to do is having afternoon tea and gossip, as cliche as it may sound. Vancouver which has a large Hong Kong population is abundant with "high tea" cafes but San Francisco only has The Secret Garden in Sunset, Lovejoy in Noe Valley, Crown and Crumpet in Fisherman's Wharf and The Rotunda in downtown.

I'm a sweetheart 90% of time I need to be able to be a bitch and gossip the rest of the time.

Happy Festivus!

The Rotunda
150 Stockton St
Neiman Marcus 4th floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 249-2720


Lolia S said...

That does sound like the perfect day! Merry Christmas!

bananas. said...

how fun! love me some neiman. never ate there though. i'll have to try it. it may give my fav place (nordi's cafe in SF) a run for its money ;)

Rufus Quail said...

For this year's Festivus, we had Indian wrestling. Cousin Hank was able to pick up the big boulder in the front yard. As a reward for his efforts, I regifted an Abblebee's card for him.

Erika said...

The aesthetic of this place makes me think of Eloise at the Plaza - I want to go!! :)

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