Finding a Bridesmaid dress to match my Nail Art

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I spent a good half of my Sunday morning shopping for a bridesmaid dress at David's Bridal (I rather be sleeping and tucked cozily in my heated blanket.) Like O-M-G!! All the dresses are butt ass crack ugly. Before launching me with rotten tomatoes, it may be my own personal preference, but satin in egg yolk, wishbone lilac, seaweed green, seagull blue, and dry apricot orange makes me want to hurl.

My cousin, the bride-to-be has three criterias - lapis (can't we just call it dark purple?), long and NOT satin. The style of the dress was our choice, which means only three styles to choose from since the store was exploded with satin. I chose this dress:

While I was trying on the dresses in the fitting rooms, I noticed there are NO MIRRORS inside, they deliberately put a 360 degree wall of mirrors on the outside. I do not want to go outside and step onto a podium and do a princess twirl. The lighting was bad, it was like HD TV on Alec Baldwin's face. The places was filled with ladies in packs gushing, teary-eyed and heavily sighing with joy. I wanted to get the hell outta there!

The wedding is a few months away but I'm already thinking about the nail art I would like to wear for the big day. The bride, my cousin who I grew up with is getting married so I AM super happy. My sarcastic tone might not help my case of "happiness" but I can't stand cheesy scenes and David's Bridal was cheesiness overload. I only like my cheese on a plate.

Let's get down with the nail art design. I know it's not perfect but I was up late experimenting with a few designs. I'm thinking about designing one with pearls but it seems more fit for a bride. I'm also thinking about making tutorial videos to post on youtube (as if there isn't enough) but I kinda want to keep an online diary of the nail arts I've done.

Nail art - Silver metallic, purple glitter, rhinestone nails


1. Sally Hansen, Triple Strong for base coat
2. OPI, Rosy Future for base color (a very pretty opaque pink color)
3. Sinful Color, Out of this world 842 (silver) to paint the half slice on the nail. I used a skinny regular paint brush to draw the line.
3. Sinful Color, Frenzy 922 (purple glitter) I used the skinny brush to trace over the line.
4. Small crystals placed around the nails. The ring finger has a tiny heart shaped crystal.
5. OPI, Clear top coat. I reapplied the top coat every other day to keep the crystals from falling out.

affectionately adieu...


foodhoe said...

is beautiful! I am not capable of wearing such glamor, but your fingers look like a proper queen bee mermaids...

Erika said...

You nail art makes me giddy!! :)

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