Monday, December 14, 2009

Serene Rainy Afternoon at Sam's Anchor Cafe in Tiburon, CA

I love the much needed rainstorms in the Bay Area, and it was also an opportune time to take advantage of visiting Tiburon, CA since the little New England-like downtown is usually packed with tourist, bicyclists, and locals on weekends. The Blue and Gold Fleet at Pier 39 sails over to Tiburon as one of their "sightseeing" destination. The Ferry docks in the heart of Tiburon's downtown where the Town Hall, Firehouse, and Library are next to each other.

Sam's Anchor Cafe - Chicken Ceasar SaladSam's Anchor Cafe - Chicken Ceasar Salad
Image Courtesy Town of Tiburon

As we splashed and skipped over puddles, we stopped at two real estate office windows to take a look at some of the properties on the market. Would you like a panorama view of San Francisco for 7 million? How about one without a view for 4 million? Too expensive? How about a one bedroom corner condo for $992,000?

Sam's Anchor Cafe - BBQ Oysters
Image Courtesy Town of Tiburon

Sam's Anchor Cafe is "THE" ultimate Tiburon experience situated on none other than Main street, the heart of downtown. The Ferry stops about 10 feet away from the restaurant. The front of the house is a dive-ish bar with a theatre size popcorn machine. At the back of the house are the two separate dining room with a large patio overlooking the bay. The linen cloth, natural lit, sort of stuck in the 80s dining room was so cozy on a rainy day.

Sam's Anchor CafeOn a sunny day the patio's bar is open with tables to dine on food, drink alcohol, take in the view and enjoy conversation.

My expectation for the food was "beautiful water view" translating to overpriced and mediocre, the food wasn't the destination it was the whole package. The package of the quaint cutesy downtown, seagulls, the multimillion homes perched on the mountains, and spending a charming afternoon with good company sipping vino.

Sam's Anchor Cafe - Chicken Ceasar SaladSam's Anchor Cafe - Crab CakesSam's Anchor Cafe - BBQ Oysters
Chicken Caesar Salad $14, Crab Cakes with Chipotle Sauce $17, BBQ Oysters 6 for $15

Sam's Anchor Cafe - Oyster SandwichSam's Anchor Cafe - Oyster SandwichSam's Anchor Cafe - Steak and Eggs
Oyster Sandwich with fries $16, Niman Ranch New York Steak with Eggs $21

Sam's Anchor Cafe - Peanut butter mousse cakeSam's Anchor Cafe - Caramel Apple Galette
Peanut Butter Pie, Caramel Apple Galette

The best part of the meal were the desserts. The oven baked apple galette brought me warmth on the misty day. The steam was waffing in my face when I was breaking into the puff pastry, a perfect end to a dewy eyed afternoon with Oz.

Sam's Anchor Cafe is full of energy and chatter on a gorgeous sunny weekend but it had a nice drab serene quality on a rainy cats-and-dogs weekend brunch.

Sam's Anchor Cafe
27 Main Street
Tiburon, California 94920
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Lolia S said...

The food doesn't look too bad

Erika said...

Oh, this place looks - and sounds - like heaven on earth! You can't beat a location perfect for cozying up on a rainy day!! :)

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