Monday, January 25, 2010

Shelbilicious Nail Art -All Different Black Silver Pink Rhinestone

I have a niece chihuahua name Shelby, after Mustang Shelby; but I call her Shelbilicious.Both are just as feisty and fast. My black and silver nails with a hint of pink for my little dog niece, of course.

Nail Art - Black, Silver, Pink Rhinestone: each different

This nail art was really fun and the first finger resemble the Shebly stripe. For the flowers: I used a nail dotting tool to make the four dots and dragged a line from the middle of the dot.

I hope your day if filled with a little Shelbilicious!

Click here for a list of my nail art.

affectionately adieu...


Erika said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You are truly a genius when it comes to nail art - gorgeous!! :)

bananas. said...

do you do all your nail art yourself? i'm amazed!

i have a fur baby niece too named shelby. she's a beautiful dorberman. i like to call her shelbylina.

Food Gal said...

Can you cook with those? I swear, I can never get a nice manicure because I always end up wrecking it in the kitchen.

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