Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When Harry met.....Linda???

Obviously, I've been living under a rock, or in Harry's case inside a penguin's rock. I just read an article about a penguin's love triangle in San Francisco Zoo that stole a piece of my heart. I almost wanted to pepper (pun intend) emoticons all over this blog post to express my emotions (but I won't.) Here's the breakdown in a nutshell:

  • Harry and Pepper (both males) were together since 2003

  • Apparently, Harry wooed Pepper because he was an introvert

  • The couple was given an egg, which they successfully raised

  • Next door neighbor, Linda, widowed in Summer of 2009

  • Harry (what a jerk) took an interest, dumped Pepper

  • Pepper came to visit and the new couple attacked him

  • Harry is diagnosed with aspergillosis, a serious respiratory infection in late December 2009

  • The way they were

    When I first read about Harry leaving Pepper it broke a piece of my heart which I give to Pepper. Poor Pepper. They (literally) built a nest together, raised a child and lead 6 wonderful years as a couple. Harry left him for the scarlet penguin Linda. There is no escaping bad break ups in the animal kingdom.

    I wish Harry a healthy recovery soon.

    I'm crossing my fingers and visiting the zoo in Spring of 2010 (mating season) hoping Pepper finds a man worthy of him.

    In the words of Ricky Lake and Jerry Springer's audience, "You need a HERO not a ZERO!"

    A Youtube clip of Harry and David narrated by Harrison Edell, curator of birds from the San Francisco Zoo. Anyone else notice how hot *ahem, hem* I mean handsome Edell is?


SinoSoul said...

DAMN THOSE BI-CURIOUS male penguins.

Lolia S said...

That's very sad. Poor Pepper. It's hard to meet new penguins when you're trapped at the zoo...or avoid your ex.

bananas. said...

that breaks my heart! poor pepper :(

males are jerks and females are homewreckers even in the penguin world.

Erika said...

This truly makes me want to cry. Who knew that love triangles were just as prevalent in the animal kingdom as they are in the real world?? :/

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