Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bust Your Window Nail Art - Purple, Glitter, French, Stripe

I've been spending a lot of late nights at the gym, read - Diary of a Bridesmaid's Diet. Night after night of staring at the sterile environment, 360 degree of mirrors, blinding fluorescent lights, the only reason I can bring myself to keep coming back - music. My current adrenaline pumping, bumping up the incline song is Glee's version of "Bust your window."

The song's music beat, strong and vengeful words riles my attitude about bad past relationships and wrong doings. I swear I could run miles with the song playing on repeat.

How does the gym and the song "bust your window" relate to nail art? I painted the purple nail art design before heading to the gym. I had the song on repeat and repeatedly looked at my nails so like Pavlov's dogs, I now associate one with each other.

"Well, you busted my heart."

Nail Art - Purple Glitter White Stripe, each different


1. Sally Hansen, Triple Strong for base coat.
2. Sinful Colors, Fiji (Shiny Purple) two coats.
3. Sinful Colors, Frenzy (Purple Glitter) 1-2 coats.
4. L.A. Colors, White. It is so much easier to control the lines with the fine tip brush.
5. Orly, Polymer top coat.

First Finger - I painted white on the entire nail then painted the purple, the glitter went on last at the very tip of the nail.

Middle Finger - I did a French tip with the purple polish and layered extra glitter on the tip to create the fading effect

Click here for the rest of my nail art.


Erika said...

I love you, I love you, I LOVE you for mentioning Glee's version of "Bust Your Window." I've been obsessed with that song since I first heard it on Mayra's blog a few weeks ago. And yay, a new nail art post!! :)

Iva said...

I love your nail posts. Always so creative and fun. One day I'll have fun with my polish and go for one of your looks!

bananas. said...

oh girl, that is my jam! i have both glee discs and i always play #5 of the disc #1 first.

"i'll bust the windows out your car, and no it didn't mend my broken heart..."


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