Friday, February 12, 2010

Campfire S'more...Cupcakes at Kara's in San Francisco

IMG_1307 Ok, Screw the diet it's almost Valentine's Day and I deserve to buy myself a sweet treat. Kara's is one of my favorite cupcake places and I've tried them all in the city. The cupcakes are displayed uniformly in jewelry glass cases, all dotted by color hearts to denote the flavors.

Kara believes in using local and quality ingredients vis-à-vis the map posted on the wall depicting where each ingredient is located. I believe Kara's cupcake is Martha Stewart approved, but it's not like I need her approval to devour cupcakes.


Right: Razzle Dazzle Middle: Passionfruit Left: S'more, Fluer de Sel, Banana Caramel (not pictured)

Each cupcake is $3.25,

I purchased 18 cupcakes

with a price break at $3 each (aheem, fat ass.)

The passion fruit is simply divine - a yellow cake with a tangy passion fruit creme inside and buttercream topping. The razzle dazzle is a chocolate cake filed with raspberry jam and topped with chocolate buttercream, not toothachey sweet as one would expect.


The pièce de résistance was the s'more cupcake. I can almost imagine myself under the twinkling starlit sky, roaring fire, dirt ground and my butt on a cold hard uncomfortable rock roasting marshmallows. The cupcake is chocolate cake with a graham cracker bottom crust topped with a marshmallow creme - toasted.

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Kara's Cupcake
3249 Scott St
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 563-2253
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Erika said...

If there is one time of year, and one time only when it is not permissible to be on a diet it is Valentine's Day. Eat your heart out my love! And now I'm off to find myself a cupcake!! :)

foodhoe said...

that s'more cupcake sounds amazing...

Thomas said...

I've been begging my wife to bake some cupcakes in the last few months. She doesn't seem to be giving in so I'll just have to order some or learn how to bake em' myself! Cheers~

Kung Food Panda said...

Woah, you got 18 cupcakes! That's more hardcore than my Porto's shopping spree!

bananas. said...

not a cupcake fan over here. despite how cute those cupcakes are, i'd much rather have 18 french fries, or sushi rolls but hey that means more for you right! :)

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