Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nail Art - Pink Trio, Black Lace Flower Pearl, Inspired Thakoon Breakaway Dress

I don't have $2,195 spare change laying at the bottom of my purse so it won't be soon before I could afford a Thakoon dress. Who can actually afford luxury from the talented Thai designer? Celebrities and Michelle Obama. In my nail art world, I can feel a little more gracefully like the First Lady with the inspired Thakoon Breakway dress nail design.


1. Sally Hansen, Triple Strong for base coat.
2. Pure Ice, Gossip (neon pink) on half nail, slightly slanted.
3. Pure Ice, Outrageous (metallic pink) fill in the other half of the nail.
4. OPI, Mod About you (light pastel pink) paint a slightly slanted area on top of the metallic pink.
5. L.A. Colors, Black, line the split sections of each color. A good way to hide any flaws
6. On the ring finger - I used glitter to cover the metallic pink and added a black flower design with pearl accent.
7. Orly, Polymer top coat

Nail art - Pink Trio breakway, black flower pearl

The nail art was fast and simple. I like how it feels 80s and mod at the same time. I'm working on a nail art look inspired by the "reverse kimono" Thakoon dress Michelle Obama wore at the Democratic National Convention.

Thanks for the inspiration Thakoon, I love the clothing line but a girl can only dream...

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bananas. said...

you're so creative! come do my nails next!!!

Erika said...

Ohmigosh I'm in love! Darling I believe that you have made nails high fashion - I want, I want!! :)

Iva said...

you did an incredible job! ...everything always starts with a dream... don't ever let go of yours. Even if its about a dress. ;)

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