Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Champagne Caviar Lobster Brunch Buffet at Sterling's in Las Vegas

To cap off the Bachelorette weekend we exited with a Champagne Caviar Lobster Buffet Brunch (say that 5 times fast ) at Sterling's. The Bally's hotel steakhouse hosts the brunch every Sunday, I do advise making reservations.

The buffet has some of the usual suspects such as prime rib, charcuteries, sushi, fresh fruits and mini desserts. The brunch also includes regular breakfast foods like benedicts, smoked salmon, bagels, bacon, sausages, waffles and a omelet station. I avoided all of the above to save my stomach space for the big ticket items - Maine lobster tails, Sturgeon caviar, raw oysters, oyster rockefeller, beef tenderloin, chocolate dipped strawberries, mimosa and about 5 cups of cappuccinos.

Mimosa & desserts at Sterling Brunch in Las Vegas
[raspberry dessert, mimosa, chocolate mousse]

Hey, we ate for 2.5 hours I needed 5 cups of cappuccino to keep me awake from the previous night of debauchery.

Caviar at Sterling Brunch in Las Vegas
[caviar condiment beauties]

The Sturgeon caviar is located behind the sushi bar and it must be requested before the lady hands over the golden eggs. Sterling has plenty of condiments - belinis, creme fraiche, parsley, fresh horseradish, red onions, and capers. I was in heaven I must have eaten 5 oz all by myself.

Caviar at Sterling Brunch in Las Vegas
[hit me baby, many more times]

I passed on the prime rib served almost everywhere in Las Vegas and as cheap as $3.99 with eggs; instead I went for the juicy and perfectly roasted beef tenderloin. The buffet also had baked creamy bacon spinach filled oysters aka oyster rockefeller in addition to raw oysters.

Maine lobster, oyster rockefeller, filet mignon, Sterling Brunch in Las Vegas
[oyster rockefeller in back, beef tenderloin, Maine lobster tail]

The dessert area included various sweets such as tarts, eclairs, cheesecakes, cakes and crepe station. I filled my belly with chocolate dipped strawberries in different variations - white and milk chocolate, peanuts, and pistachio. The strawberries were the size of golf balls and surprising sweet at this time of the year.

Chocolate dipped strawberries at Sterling Brunch in Las Vegas

The service is old school like the steakhouse decor, servers in white jackets and ties. The servers are ready to pounce when the champagne glass is barely empty. A fairly good deal at $85.

...so old school, a man next to us who is in his late 50s to early 60s and sits at the same booth every Sunday...for almost 20 years.

Mini dessert at Sterling Brunch in Las Vegas

Tip: We gambled at the Paris hotel and when we cashed out our casino chips, the attendant handed us a 10% off coupon for most restaurants in the Harrah's hotel corp including Sterling's brunch.

Sterling Brunch
3645 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 967-7999
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Erika said...

Chocolate dipped strawberries sound divine - so decadent! Are those teeny tiny pancakes in the first picture? How adorable! I imagine I could devour loads of those!! :)

BeefNoGuy said...

I miss a good Las Vegas buffet!

Kung Food Panda said...

Damn woman! You went high roller style! :) Loved the caviar and I must try this place out!

long island caterers said...

If you're looking for quality and diversity of seafood, then go to Bally Sterling Brunch during weekends. This restaurant is hard to beat because apart from their delicious seafood, they also offer free-flowing champagne at the same time.

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