Friday, March 19, 2010

Grand Canal Views at Canaletto in the Venetian, Las Vegas

The Bachelorette Party, Blurred

[The Bachelorette Party, the server had a really hard time using my camera so the picture is heavily blurred but I dig it]

We wanted to meet in the middle of the road for the guest of the bachelorette party. Majority of the party was staying at the Venetian hotel and like most people in this shitty economy, we wanted dinner to be reasonably priced but beautiful and classy. I can almost say Canaletto felt enchanting in the midst of Las Vegas with the tobacco filled stench, neon lights and ringing slot machines.

Canaletto View, Venetian in Las VegasIMG_1852
[View from our private dining room]

The restaurant in located in the heart of Mark's Square in the Venetian Canal Shoppes and very accommodating, they seated us in a private room upstairs, equipped with a view of the plaza. The room was airy, had enhanced mood lighting and the server was very gracious even though some guest arrived late and we had a few empty seats.

Canaletto , Venetian in Las VegasI can see how the restaurant stays busy with so much foot traffic and an "outdoor" seating area. The "outdoor" area is an artificial Venice experience in grandeur Las Vegas style - Truman Show bright blue sky with perfectly shaped clouds, faux painted concrete bridges and stairs, actors in Venice costumes performing and even a chlorine aqua blue river with canal boats housing a black and white stripe Venice boat paddler. I truly enjoy Las Vegas's artificial experiences since I return 2-4 times a year. I'm painting a picture for the reader.

Canaletto, Venetian in Las Vegas

The food is good, simple ingredients cooked and seasoned right. Canaletto isn't ground breaking or innovative but comfort and reasonable priced food. The 3 course prix fixe was $41 and the main included choices of salmon, steak, chicken, pasta and a vegetarian dish. Again, Canaletto is very accommodating to every palette, a great place for a large party.

Canaletto, Venetian in Las VegasSalad at Canaletto, Venetian in Las Vegas

[bread with olive oil, salad with lots of fresh shaved Parmesan cheese]

Salad at Pork Ragu Pasta, Canaletto, Venetian in Las VegasSalad at Roasted Chicken, Canaletto, Venetian in Las Vegas
[Pasta with Pork, Rosemary Roasted Chicken]

Salmon at Canaletto, Venetian in Las VegasNY Steak at Canaletto, Venetian in Las Vegas
[Pesto Salmon, New York Steak]

Tiramisu at Canaletto, Venetian in Las Vegas

*Note: Canaletto only serves bottled water at almost $9 a bottle.

Bachelorette Party Blinking Ring The pink blinking ring we all wore throughout the weekend. The bride-to-be's ring was clear.

The Venetian Hotel
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 733-0070
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Erika said...

It's official. You've eaten at a restaurant that is, essentially, heaven on earth. And I want one of those blinking rings. In pink. Love, love!! :)

SashaInTheKitchen said...

That looks amazing. What a fabulous meal at a gorgeous place. WOW!

foodhoe said...

awww, what a memorable evening, love the pink blinky ring! and are you using your new camera? the pictures are quite lovely!

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