Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Burger Therapy at Kuma's Corner, Chicago


I am so glad Kuma's is not within 100 miles of where I live. I'm a burger gal, there is nothing better than a juicy, messy, bib-required burger. A delicious burger can turn my frown upside down. Kuma was my Dr. Phil for the day.

The vibe at Kuma's is done to the tee - loud heavy metal music, tattooed servers, metal album menu, heavy metal culture artwork, motorcycles parked by the entrance and even half the patrons sport a Zz Top's bread.


As I was trying to adjust and get comfortable at the bar a good looking patron (with a Zz Top-like bread) called me 'babydoll' and thus my meal at Kuma's begins...


We sat at the bar near the small kitchen with three chef furiously cooking non-stop. There was too many tasty sounding burgers to choose from but I had to narrow it down. I liked the listed price of the P.E.I mussels "not until BP cleans up their act."

The burgers took about 45 mins, as the menu and restaurant billboard reminds patrons the "kitchen is small" and "please be patient." The burgers are worth the wait and like how Kuma's informs the customers beforehand.

Liar of Minotaur Burger

There are over a dozen different burgers to choose from. Let's omit the toppings, each burger is a very generous 10oz and thick. I requested medium rare and the meat was crispy on the outside and pretty pink in the middle. The flavor is clean, and lean enough where my plate wasn't drenched in oil. The burgers are served on a pretzel bun, a personal favorite. I was in burger therapy.

Liar of Minotaur Burger

I had the $13 Liar of the Minotaur - Caramelized Onions, Pancetta, Brie, Bourbon Soaked Pears. The ingredients were fresh and still large enough each flavor was distinguish in every bite. I have to recreate the Liar of the Minotaur burger combination at home.

Iron Maiden Burger - Avocado, Cherry Peppers, Pepper Jack, Chipotle Mayo $12

Seriously, if I lived closer to Kuma's it would be my mission to try all the burgers on the menu. In addition, it would be my go to late night spot since they open to at least 2am everyday.

Kuma's Corner
2900 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 604-8769
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Lolia S said...

Cute place but I don't think I have the patience to wait that long for a burger :)

Kung Food Panda said...

You're hardcore! Getting these posts out in rapid pace. I'm finally getting free time to post now...

Forager said...

Love the signage! Never had a burger on a pretzel bun before - it's very much a North American thing I think!

Bonnibella said...

KFP: I want to relive my Chicago dining experience.

Forager: I would personally like to own the sign.

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