Breakfast at Stanley's, New Orleans

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stanley's, New Orleans

Milkshake for breakfast? Why yes, I AM on vacation, it is the best excuse. A red eye flight into New Orleans only means a few hours of uncomfortable sleep on the plane and arriving into the city at the break of dawn. New Orleans is scary quiet before 9am, streets are quiet, barely a soul walking the street and delivery trucks occupy all the real estate.

Stanley's is located in the heart of Jackson Square and we hit 4 birds with one stone - breakfast at Stanley's, beignets at Cafe du Monde, St. Louis Cathedral and Central Market Co. for Muffaleta. I love taking the red eye and starting my day early on vacation.

Saint Louis Cathedral, New Orleans
Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral

I follow Chef Boswell on twitter and he is an AVID twitter, an addict. He shares test recipes from his kitchen, travels, dining around the country and most importantly his recent host to Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller in New Orleans.

We arrived at 9am and there was two tables dining and a steady trickle of customers as it got later in the morning. The French Quarter is definitely not a morning town.

Stanley's, New Orleans - Strawberry Malt Milkshake

Stanley's ice cream is house made, so since we were on vacation, we decided "Why not? We are on vacation" Our server said all the ice cream is made fresh with fresh fruits. We ordered a malted strawberry milkshake with extra malt. The server obliged and it was very malty, just the way I like it. I wanted an ice cream sundae but we needed to pace ourselves and made a mental note to return but unfortunately there was no stomach space to spare.

Stanley's, New Orleans - Oyster Benedict

We started with 12.50 Eggs Stanley - Cornmeal-crusted P&J's Louisiana Oysters, poached eggs, Canadian bacon and creole hollandaise on toasted english muffin. The description is mouth-watering already, the oysters were lightly coated without any grease. The benedict was decadent, the english muffin could not hold up to all the toppings. I punctured the egg to see the sexy yolk flow and a dab or two of crystal hot sauce.

Stanely's, New Orleans - Saints pride
Saints Pride hot sauce.
"Who Dat?"

I was supremely looking forward to eating baskets of soft shell crab in New Orleans. I ordered soft shell crab at every opportunity. The 14.00 Soft Shell crab Poor Boy - One Whole cornmeal-crusted soft-shell crab, cole slaw, spicy remoulade and creole cocktail sauces on toasted french bread.

Stanley's, New Orleans - Soft Shell Crab Po'boy

The bread was nicely toasted, a crispy tug for the crust and soft pillowly interior. The soft shell crab was the BIGGEST I've ever seen/eaten and biggest of all the other restaurants in New Orleans. The soft shell crab at Stanley's was also very fresh, the meat was very sweet and very meaty. The coleslaw blended perfectly, the cabbage was finely chopped and crunchy. In short, Stanley's po'boy was my favorite of the trip.

Stanley's, New Orleans - Soft Shell Crab Po'boy
The size of the crab is unreal

Chef Boswell's fine dining Stella restaurant recently had a renovation and it looks beautiful. I wanted to visit the historic restaurants (Galatorie's, Antonie's, etc) on my first trip to New Orleans, however, I can't wait to try Stella next time. A return trip to Stanley's is in order for their sundae, kim chee poboy, and other items.

Stanley's, New Orleans - Soft Shell Crab Po'boy
Hawt Mess

Stanley's, New Orleans

547 St. Ann St
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 587-0093

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Lolia S said...

That crab is huge! Mmm, I like the idea of having ice cream for breakfast!


Forager said...

Soft shell crab sandwich? I'm in the wrong country!

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