A Photo Essay of Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

Cafe du Monde was my anchor in New Orleans, in three short days I ate beignets 5 times, once at 2:30am in morning (why not? they are open 24 hours) The beignets aka French style fried doughnuts are heavily dosed in powder sugar. In addition to a cafe au lait it was a great snack, pick-me-up or cause-I-feel-like-it.

Cafe du Monde, New OrleansCafe du Monde, New Orleans

The beignets have a crispy exterior and some are doughier or lighter, it is never uniform. I think it gives the beignets a more homemade feel, although they must pump out thousands every day. I am crazy about the beignets because there are nuisance of the Chinese Ox tongue pastry. A medley of oily, sweet with a pinch of salty.

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

Assembly Line

Cafe Du Monde established in 1862 does not need an introduction. There was plenty of locals and tourist. I loved everything about the experience -- the table service with the servers in Cafe du Monde hats and bow ties, mostly Vietnamese ladies when I was visiting, the hustle and bustle of customers, echos of chatter, and children with powder sugar smeared all over their face and hands.

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

The Sweet Vietnamese Ladies

I think a photo essay of the experience is in order:

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

Beignets, Cafe au lait (the way to go), Black Coffee.
Oh Yea...

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

Big Bite, don't be shy

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

Fluffy Pillow

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

Slam Dunk!?!

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

Lindsay Lohan waz here

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

Counting her dough

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans - beignets at 2:30am
2:30am snack. My mirror said this is "why" Snow White is the fairest.

I bought a couple of beignet box mix as gifts and 2 for myself. I am going to try to recreate the beignets but I think the atmosphere makes the experience.

Depending on my mood, I like to use Cafe du Monde, Trung Nguyen or the paper bag French roast varieties from the Asian market when I make my Vietnamese Coffee.

Cafe Du Monde
1039 Decatur Street
New Orleans, LA 70116
Cash only
Cafe Du Monde on Urbanspoon


foodhoe said...

wah, I've read so much about the beignets, but I love these pictures of the interior and servers etc and the poetry of course! It's always so interesting to visit chrysanthemum and see where you have been...

Lolia S said...

24 hour beignets, I am impressed. I've never been there :(

michael94110 said...

Looks good enough to book a flight to New Orleans!

The Cooking Photographer said...

Oh Yum! I've got to go there someday.

Heavenly Housewife said...

Damn, that Lindsay Lohan really gets around, no!?
Lovely pictures, I do hope I get to visit one day! I am a total donut fiend!
*kisses* HH

Bonnibella said...

I think Cafe du Monde is worth the trip to New Orleans. I will update how the box mix turns out.

@ HH haha Lohan does get around.

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