Monday, October 11, 2010

Wish List: Eating an Inside and Outside Grilled Cheese Sandwich @ Falling Water

Inside & Outside Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I am an amateur architecture enthusiast which really means I like to stare intently at buildings. I like arts that makes my heart leap or takes my breathe away momentarily; if it aesthetic to the eye I am an admirer. Wright's personal, business and career history fascinates me.

My trip to Chicago during the summer was architectural centric: the city itself is filled with both modern and older structures. I had the opportunity to visit Robie's House on the University of Chicago campus. In addition, I took Wright's Home and Studio park tour in Oak Park, IL, only 30 mins outside of Chicago. Wright's tour is on 1001 places to visit before you die list. (I will post a summary of the tours soon.)

Robie's House, Chicago, IL
Robie's House, Chicago, IL

The Bay Area is lucky to have a few of Wright's buildings including one of his last projects -- The Civic Center in San Rafael, CA. 'Falling Water' in Mill Run, PA is on my wish list. In 2009, the Wright Foundation announced a new way to experience Falling Water. The 'Focus Tour' where visitors will have an in depth tour including interior photos for personal use and the best part -- lunch prepared by a chef to be eaten at a Falling Water location!!! The price for the tour is a cool minimum $1000, I have been saving my pennies...

Frank Llyod Wright's Studio Park, Oakpark, IL
Wright's Studio and Home, Oak Park, IL

I have also been daydreaming about what I would be eat at the Falling Water. I've taken on the obsession a la Ross from Friends laminting his "chocies." I wanted to be positive about my decision, after all it was an reflection of who am I. My choice* of meal is a jazzed up grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. A warm, oozing, crunchy, butterly grilled cheese sandwich while exploring the Falling Water ground is a dream beyond my wildest imagination.

Falling Water, Mill Run, PA (photo courtesy of

I can almost imagine the serene constant echo of water hitting the rocks, building lines melting into nature and the taking in the moment. Well...since my adventure is still a long ways from reality I decided to entertain my desire through food. An inside and outside grilled cheese sandwich.

Inside & Outside Grilled Cheese SandwichInside & Outside Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Inside & Outside Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grated Parmesan regianno
Grated Mozzarella cheese
Grated Gruyere cheese
Butter (I prefer unsalted)

Your choice of bread, butter each slice of bread generously and cover butter surface with Parmesan cheese. Flip the bread over and fill with a cheese mixture of 1 part Gruyere cheese to 2 part mozzarella cheese. Cover with a bread slice, buttered and also covered with parmesan cheese. Spray a nonstick pan with cooking oil and turn heat on low. Carefully place sandwich in pan and cover with lid. Grill until bread is golden brown, about 3-4 minutes on each
side, check regularly.

Inside & Outside Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I really love the crispiness of the crust with the melted cheese. I like to use left over bread for my grilled cheese - rye, roasted garlic, olive, and even raisin bread.

Inside & Outside Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I can also imagine the great photograph opportunities at Falling Water. I can't wait to try slowing to increasing speed on the shutter while shooting the waterfalls. The day and night time photo will also create a different mood. Really, I can't wait to be able to make the trip to Pennsylvania.

What would you like to eat for lunch at the Falling Water?

*Of course, my choice of meal is imaginary the lunch menu is up to the discretion of the chef at Falling Water. However, it is always fun to dream.


Lolia S said...

There's something so satisfying about the simple combo of good bread, good cheese and butter!

foodhoe said...

I love grilled cheese, yours looks so crispity good and scrumptious! I've been to the hollyhock house, but that waterfall takes the cake... I can't imagine a nicer meal!

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