Central Grocery Co, and other New Orleans Snacks

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Central Grocery Co., New Orleans - Muffaleta

I believe Cafe Du Monde and Central Grocery Co. is the tourist place to visit when in New Orleans. Central Grocery Co. is located a few steps away from Cafe Du Monde on Decatur Street. The Italian market is home to the original Muffaletta and featured on countless food shows. After a quick cat nap (we took the red eye flight) we wanted a snack.

Central Grocery Co., New Orleans - Muffaleta

The muffalettas are pre-wrapped and ready to go. The back of the market has a bar table and a refrigerator holding various cold drinks. The muffalettas are available for take out or dine-in. We paid for half a muffaleta and an Abita root beer. We walked across the street and railroad tracks and dined along the Mississppi. The afternoon was warm, the birds were swooping and people were kicking rocks. I could not ask for a more perfect setting.

Central Grocery Co., New Orleans - Muffaleta
Gorgeous day with Gorgeous food

The crusty sesame seed bread is holding together the salami, mortadella, capicola and provolone. The above mentioned meats are smeared with an olive salad (olives, celery, carrots and cauliflower) heavily mixed with olive oil. The olive salad is seeped into the crusty bread making it a fantastic combination, a bit spongy and a bit crusty.
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Zapp's Potato Chips

I am enamored with Zapp's potato chips as the flavors are unique - Gumbo, Cajun Crawtadors, Tabasco, No Salt and a limited edition "Who Dat?" The chips are kettle fried and sliced thicker than the average chip, I like how the chips are really really crunchy. Emeril always advise people to eat the Zapp's potato chips cold.

Hubrig's Pie, New Orleans - Apple

I was told to try Hubrig's Pies, found at almost every liquor store. I happen to stop at a mini supermarket to stock up on Zapp's Potato Chips. I tried the peach, apple and coconut Hubrig's pie. The pies are produced locally and they use seasonally ingredients, such as Strawberry is only available during the season. The pies are fried in beef fat which I think gives it the special flavor. I bought a few pies home to microwave and eat with ice cream.

*Fun Tidbit - The New Orleans State prison are their largest consumers.

Johnny's Po-Boys, New OrleansJohnny's Po-Boys, New Orleans - Soft Shell Crab

Johnny's Po'boy is located in the French Quarter and it was only a hop and skip away from our hotel. We decided on the special of the day, a fried soft shell crab po'boy with gumbo. The soft shell crab was inferior to Stanley's version. The soft shell crab was small with barely any meat and a bit tasteless. The gumbo was inedible as it was overly salty and watery.
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Leidenheimer Bread Truck, New Orleans
Seen all over town delivering bread


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