Thursday, November 4, 2010

Panorama of Prospect's Menu, San Francisco

Prospect, San Francisco

One of my good friend was celebrating her birthday at Prospect and it was a great excuse to dine at Nancy Oaks and Company's newest addition to the San Francisco restaurant scene. Prospect in Rincon Hill is very attractive, like Kim Kardashian strutting in a tight short dress it is hard not to look twice when walking by. The restaurant is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, illuminated by chandeliers clustered in strategical positions, and tall flower arrangements composing "pops" of color throughout the space.

Prospect, San Francisco - Chilled Beets

There is a science to restaurant design (after all, it is a billion dollar industry), the mood lighting and seat placements; I could not help but notice the plates. The restaurant is warmly lit, not too dark but hazy in a beer-goggle way. Majority of the dishes were plated in curved large white plates which picked up the light. The ingredients on the dish were "spotlighted" so beautifully it enhanced the sensation of taste.

Prospect, San Francisco - Chilled Beets
Chilled Beets - vadouvan yogurt, candied pistachios, spiced onion rings
Prospect, San Francisco - Garlic Roasted Quail
Garlic Roasted Quail - roasted almonds, preserved lemon, pomegranate, tabouleh

Luckily, my friends love to eat family style no matter what type of restaurant. I was able try 12 dishes off the menu and it was very solid. The cuisine is contemporary American, which is prevalent in San Francisco. The flavor pairings were slightly "unexpected" but "expected" once it was tasted.

Prospect, San Francisco - Pig Trotter with lobster relishProspect, San Francisco - Pig Trotters
Crispy Pig Trotter - Maine lobster relish, lobster aioli, summer squash, mint

The "unexpected" was the potato dumpling and escargot, soft gnocchi-like potato with a sprinkle of chewy escargot to contrast. The Seared Scallops which was "expected" a little boring but still prepared very well with a firm caramelized crust and bouncy like Heidi Montag's fake boobs.

Prospect, San Francisco - Potato Escargot
Potato Dumpling & Escargot - dandelion sauce, maitke mushroom, parsley and garlic

The Crispy Pig Trotters was the favorite of the night. I've heard and read about pig trotter logs and tried it for the first time earlier this year at SF Chef and Wine. Pig trotter is pig's feet cooked down, usually only held together with mustard, formed into a log, cooled, sliced then lightly breaded and fried. Prospect's topped each pig trotter with lobster and served with shaved squash. The trotter is extremely rich and gelatinous, technically, in my book, the shaved squash made the dish a "salad."

Prospect, San Francisco - Wagyu Zabuto
Wagyu Zabuton - butterball potato, creamed cippolinis, smoked trumpet mushroom, spinach, mustard seed au jus

The Wagyu Zabuton (the chuck cut) was excellent, generous in size, seared to a deep "Carrie" red. The mustard seed sauce help the meat shine brighter, it was thick and rich with the aro-smoky-matic from the spice.

Prospect, San Francisco - Seared Scallops
Dayboat Scallops - roasted brussels sprouts, pickled butternut squash, bacon relish, pumpkin seeds

I believe the Ricotta donuts are becoming the restaurant's signature dessert, it was on every table and highly (twice) recommended by our server. The donuts were light and sweeten by chocolate and the berry compote.

Prospect, San Francisco - Veal Chop
Veal Chop - madeira mushroom cream sauce, parmesan-nettle crushed potatoes, roasted carrots

Prospect, San Francisco - Pork Belly and Pork Cheek
Pork Belly & Cheek - ancient grains, confit fennel, fuji apple, preserved orange, scarlet turnips

The miniature ice cream sandwiches, espresso-chocolate cookies with coffee-cocoa streusel ice cream were a hit at the table. Our other friends were jealous of our expert selection and immediately ordered enough for the entire table. The cookie intensify the coffee ice cream. A nice and cool way to end the night.

Prospect, San Francisco - Asian Pear Tart
Asian Pear Tartine - butter orange roasted shinko pears, chevre ice cream, candied fennel, viognier reduction
Prospect, San Francisco - Ricotta donutsProspect, San Francisco - Ice Cream Sandwiches
Ice Cream Sandwiches, Ricotta Donuts
Prospect, San Francisco - Black and Tan Black and Tan - butter-bourbon pudding, bittersweet brownie, billionaries' shortbread, chocolate sorbet

The service was attentive but not intrusive, especially since we were a large group. We were very well cared for, our wine and water glasses were never empty. In my recent memory, Prospect exceeded my expectation with solid reliable good, romcom-like surroundings and wonderful company.

Prospect, San Francisco

300 Spear St
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 247-7770
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Heavenly Housewife said...

Wow, some of those dishes are really beautiful. I wish I was having dinner with you. I'd totally go for those beets, the Wagyu Zabuton and ALL of the deserts! Gorgeous.
*kisses* HH

Forager said...

Love the first photo - the vaseline food porn is very apt! The sound of cripsy pork trotters sounds divine!!

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