Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia

Reading Terminal Market

I wish I had more time more time to pitch a tent at the Reading Terminal Market and eat my way through each food vendor or have an extra stomach. The highlight was Dinic's Roast pork sandwich where we visited twice.

Miller's Pretzels at Reading Terminal MarketMiller's Pretzels at Reading Terminal Market
Miller's Pretzels
Tommy Dinic's, Philadelphia, PATommy Dinic's, Philadelphia, PA - Roasted Pork Sandwich
Dinic's Roast Pork and Beef

I was gunning to try scrapple while in the state of Pennsylvania and wanted to pop my cherry at Dutch Eating Place. However, we arrived after breakfast so we had their famed apple dumpling. The apple dumplings are displayed in the kitchen's window, pre-packed by the dozens and almost every diner ordered it for dessert. I can certainly see why, the bottom crusted with sticky thick caramel; the apple dumpling was sweet, warm, flaky with the apples holding its integrity. We wanted the best of both worlds and topped it with whipped and heavy cream.

Reading terminalApple Dumplings at Dutch Eating PlaceApple Dumpling at Dutch Eating place
Luscious Apple Dumpling at Dutch Eating Place

Moving along the aisles, I grabbed a cold apple cider from Lancaster Diary Co. and skimmed through candles made out of beeswax and honey at Bee Natural. The next stop was browsing barrels of pickles from AJ Pickles Patch and Salads - hot and sour, spicy, black pepper, mustard, every type of pickles. The Amish women were quick to help with questions and packing my pickles. There were also canned products, I especially loved the bacon dressing.

Various Amish canned produces at Reading TerminalChocolate Philly Cheesesteak at Reading Terminal
Left: Can you spot the Bacon Dressing? Right: Chocolate Philly Cheese steak

We stayed at the Pennsylvania General Store for hours, fawning over the varieties of chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered potato chips. My friends and I brought plenty of boxes to bring home to family and friends. The chocolate cover potato chips are unique because they use Herr's potato chips. I also found a bottle of maple cream to use in my coffee.

Reading Terminal Market, Making my butterscotch peanut butterMaking my butterscotch peanut butter, Reading Terminal Market

The speciality "find" of 2010 for me is the butterscotch peanut butter from Kauffman's Lancaster County Produce. I was heading towards Miller's Pretzel when I spotted the counter of samples. I took one of the rice crackers and smeared on the butterscotch peanut butter. I stopped my tracks, it was that good. The owner was very sweet, he even made a fresh batch because we cleaned out the pre-pack ones. Kauffman ships their products so I will have a consistence flow of butterscotch peanut butter. (215-592-1898)

Chocolate pretzel and butterscotch peanut butter
Pennsylvania General Store Chocolate Covered Pretzel and Kauffman's Butterscotch Peanut Butter

There is so much to eat at the Reading Terminal Market, I wish I had several extra days to visit all the vendors. Other highlights include, Basset's ice cream, Miller's Pretzel, La Colombe coffee, and Beiler's Bakery.

Until next time...

Reading Terminal Market
51 North 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
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Lolia S said...

What are chocolate cheesesteaks?!

Bonnibella said...

Lolia, they are chocolate shaped philly cheesesteak with white chocolate drizzled like cheese. The chocolate company is well know for organ shaped chocolate, e.g. brains, lungs, hearts, etc,.

Kung Food Panda said...

This place was a lot of fun. It reminded me of St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. DiNic's was pretty good, but it's definitely a madhouse inside.

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