Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Little Luxuries in Life - Room Service Breakfast

The Fairmont Montreux Palace, Switerland
The most gorgeous 5 star hotel I've experienced

I recently got LASIK for my eyeballs and I could not be happier. I would rate the happy-level a little under the love for my dog. I am a -8.00 for heaven's sake so my world is a blur and a half without my contacts or glasses. FREEDOM from glasses!

The next day after LASIK surgery I needed a hug because I felt like there were tiny grains of sand in my eyes (due to squeezing my eyes too tightly.)

I was dreaming of breakfast in bed...

Welcome - Chocolate Eiffel, macarons, and trufflesSince I am not Kate Middleton with maids waiting on me while I stare at my shiny diamond tiara or even Charlie Sheen with "Goddesses" living in my mansion, however, I could reminsince WHEN I did have breakfast brought to my room at 7 am prompt everyday for a week from my recent trip to Paris and Switzerland.

At the Westin hotel in Paris:

Breakfast, Westin Paris

Breakfast, Westin Paris
I love the chocolate Eiffel Tower

At the Fairmont Montreux Palace:

The BEST breakfast, Montreux Palace

The best room service breakfast (or breakfast, for that matter) was at the Fairmont Montreux Palace. The breakfast was fresh fresh fresh, with detail and care. I was, literally, in heaven with the view and delicious breakfast. I could only wish life was this everyday.

fruit platter, Montreux Palace
Fresh SWEET guava?!? In the middle of February. Even the strawberries and papaya was sweet!

Ham and Eggs, Montreux Palace
Organic eggs, look at the vibrant orange hue

The best scramble eggs, Montreux Palace
Softest creamiest scramble eggs

Pancakes, Montreux Palace
There was a warming oven underneath the cart!

Yogurt, Montreux Palace
Swiss yogurt is where it is

Bread Basket, Montreux Palace
Toast, croissant, chocolate croissant, blueberry muffin, country roll. Too much for one person!

Butter, Montreux Palace
The butter

The quality was incredible, even the leafy condiments tasted better than average. How did they do it? The hotel chef must be cooking the breakfast with a rainbow spatula and then seasoning the food with unicorn tears.

View of the Alps from hotel room @ Montreux Palace
Drinking espresso while enjoying the view from hotel room
(The Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva)
The moments in life...


Lolia S said...

Oooh, they remembered the yogurt!


Jean said...

Gosh, just judging from breakfast alone, I'd say you had a grand time in Paris and Geneva. Doesn't everything seem to taste better in Paris?

Congrats on Lasik surgery. My dad had both eyes done and he had a lot of discomfort for a while. Now? He's happy as a clam!

Heavenly Housewife said...

I have debated over lasik surgery for so long, but have never done it. I would love to wake up one day and just be able to see properly. Was it very scary?
Beautiful breakfasts :), room service can be such a treat!
*kisses* HH

Kung Food Panda said...

What a room service!

I can't believe they even had guava and passion fruit...

Forager @ The Gourmet Forager said...

Congrats on the surgery! Something I'll do eventually when my eyesight stops deteriorating. And what a spread - forget Kate Middleton - I say you're spoiled like a princess!

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