Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Medley of Crispy Brown Rice Onigiri - Leftovers Galore

Medley of Crispy Brown Rice Onigiri

When leaving for a vacation, one must find ways to clean out the refrigerator so no food goes to waste. I was leaving for vacation in a few days so I had to find unique ways to use my perishable ingredients. One of my favorite smörgåsbord dish is a panzanella salad. I get all my grains, vegetables and meats in one fabulous and delicious dish. However, I had a few cups of brown rice left from the previous night so I decided to make crispy brown rice cakes.

As part of the foodbuzz tastemaker program I was sent Crisco's extra virgin, pure and light olive oil. I used all three olive oils for my onigiri lunch. I must say, I had an amazing lunch worthy of table linen, silverware and classical music playing in the background.

Medley of Crispy Brown Rice Onigiri

The cold brown rice was formed into small patty cakes the size of my palm. I wet my hands to keep the brown rice from sticking but brown rice is easy to work with because it is not as glutinous as white rice. I fried the brown rice cakes in the light olive oil on medium heat for a few mins on each side until the rice was lightly brown and crispy. The fragrant of crispy rice is insanely irresistible.

I topped the brown rice cakes with whatever I had leftover in my pantry - heirloom tomatoes, basil, apples, tofu, pickled ginger, seaweed and eggs. I tossed the heirloom tomato with pure olive oil, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon. I made the miso dressing with the extra olive oil to dress the pan seared tofu.

I was doubly happy because I used all my leftovers and it was a satisfying lunch. Sometimes the best meals are enjoyed alone with striking colorful ingredients.

Medley of Crispy Brown Rice Onigiri


Lolia S said...

Your onigiri are much more creative than the ones I've made :-)

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