Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apple Snails with Perilla (Purple Mint) and Tofu

Snails (oc) with perilla and tofu

Our regular fish monger at our regular Asian supermarket told us about the superb deal of the week - half off on Apple Snails! We could not pass up the good deal and proceeded to buy 25 pounds. (We have a large family of snail lovers.) There are a few snails recipes in our repertoire such as bun oc, coconut curry, and steamed with lemongrass and served with nuoc cham. One of my personal favorite is sauteed snails with perilla and tofu.

Whole Apple Snails 84/365 4.09.11
Steamed Apple Snails and nuoc cham

I do not use exact measurements but here are the basics and snails are easy proteins to cook because it can't really be overdone unless you cook it to death.


Perilla - pick the leaves and save the steams
Garlic - as much as your heart desires
Apple Snails with shells
Fish Sauce
A dab of soy sauce for color
Fried Tofu

Wash the Apple Snails with a little vinegar and salt. Rinse. Fill a pot big enough to fill the snails and cover with water, pour a little vinegar and salt into the mixture. Boil for 15 mins for about 2-4 pounds (I boil 10 pounds at 30 mins.)

Let snail cool enough to handle and shuck, seperate the head and tail and discard tail. Once done shucking the snails, rinse to remove any scum.

Heat the pan with olive oil, garlic and perilla steams until fragrant, 3 mins. Put in the snails and a ladle of water, fish sauce, salt, sugar and soy sauce, stir for 1 min. Put in fried tofu and mix until the tofu is covered in the sauce, simmer for 2-3 mins. Toss in the perilla leaves and mix well, 2 mins. Remove perilla steams and serve.

Apple Snails with perilla and tofu

The tofu soaks in the perilla and the essence of snail flavor. A great dish to serve with rice noodles or rice.


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foodhoe said...

What an interesting dish, it sounds very flavorful. I have a big bush of perilla in the yard... And snails too, but probably not the right kind! Those shells are beautiful.

Lolia S said...

Never cooked snails...the scum part sounds intimidating :-)


Linh-Dang said...

Huh, interesting. It's like a dry version of the bun oc my mom makes. Tia to and tofu are a great combination.

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