Monday, October 24, 2011

Billy the Saw Puppet Cake Pop and Meeting Bakerella!

Billy the Saw Puppet Cake Pop

I have been a long time fan of Angie aka Bakerella. I love all her adorable cake pop postings but it was the wedding proposal post that really grabbed my heart. In a nutshell - the boyfriend knew his girlfriend was a fan of Bakerella and checked her website every Sunday. The boyfriend collabrated with Bakerella to do a wedding cake, cake pop and at the end of the posting he asked "will you marry me?" My heart just gushed into a million pieces and it was then I was a bigger fan of Bakerella.

And meeting her in person was the icing on the cake. Bakerella is as sweet as a red velvet smiley cake pop and she has the beautiful hair and smile down! Foodbuzz had four bloggers - Shikamoo, SPCookieQueen and Eat, Live and Run and I (Bonnibella) attend a small event at the Foodbuzz office. We were to make cake pops for Bakerella and she would choose the winner, some Foodbuzz staff also made cake pops.

Bakerella giving me tips about my cake pops at the foodbuzz event

The theme was Halloween, I intially wanted to do the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' because it is one of my favorite kitschy films (I was thinking of lips, fishnet legs and a beard) but I wanted something scarier. I decided on Billy the Saw Puppet because after watching a Saw movie I have to sleep with the lights on for a few days.

Billy the Saw Puppet Cake Pop Candy Supply

What I did:

1) Bake two 9 inch vanilla cakes and let them cool
2) Crumbled the cake with one can of frosting and shaped the cake pops into oval shapes
3) Used icing to attach half of a candy corn for the nose and two sixlets chocolate candies for the cheeks
4) Heated one bag of Wilton's white candy melts in a deep bowl and dipped the cake pop without swirling
5) I used a chopstick to help define the cheeks and nose, the candy melts were too thick (Bakerella advised to add vegetable oil to thin out the candy melts)
6) While the candy melt is still wet, apply two pieces of brown Reese's (or M&Ms) for the eyes and two Boston Beans for the bow tie. Let the cake pop dry
7) Use red icing to dot the eyes, swirl the cheeks, and smile
8) Use black icing and a star tip to apply the hair

Bakerella came with her Mom to the foodbuzz office and checked out the cake pops. She still gets excited and happy looking at cake pops. I can't imagine how many adorable and inventive cake pops has graced her presence via book signings and her blog. Angie went through each person's cake pop and commented on what she liked and tips on how to improve. It was the first time all four of us bloggers made cake pops so there was a lot of questions and she answered them all.

Signed book by Bakerella at Foodbuzz event

Like a true blogger, Bakerella had her camera in tow and took pictures of all the cake pops and posed with everyone for a photo op. After all the OOOOOs and ahhhhhhs with the cake pops, Bakerella sat down with each person to sign a copy of her book. I love mine!

I can see why making cake pops are so addicting and I already have so many ideas swirling in my head. But first, I must make my "Rocky Horror Picture Show' cake pop.

Happy Halloween!

Billy the Saw Puppet Cake Pop
p.s. When Bakerella saw my cake pops she immediately exclaimed "The Saw guy!"


Morgan said...

Nice work!!

JulieD said...

Haha, now I feel dumb for calling your cake pop Marilyn Manson on instagram. Isn't Angie so sweet in person? What an awesome opportunity you had! Love your photographs!

Bonnibella said...

Thank you Morgan!

@JulieD, Angie is very sweet in person and we all had a really fun time. Thanks for the photo compliment!

Lolia S said...

It's perfect for Halloween!


foodhoe said...

ooh you are brave! I stopped watching horror movies after the Grudge... but I love your cakepop! Looks like such a fun event.

visda said...

Great post. Now I finally can read all your secrets. Such a beautiful work and it was wonderful meeting you. Looking forward to meeting you at foodbloggers festival.

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